Our latest collection by Abraham & Thakore - A Stitch In Time

Irrespective of the type of art forms artists practice, a source of inspiration is what makes them whole. Whether it's about writing lyrics for a song, doing calligraphy on an abandoned wall, making a symphony on an instrument, designing a textile, or just pouring emotions out with a pen and paper, one won’t succeed without any inspiration. Many renowned artists and designers worldwide are known for their different styles. You might know 2 textile designers but what makes them unique and gives each an individual identity is their inspiration.

Our latest collection by Abraham & Thakore

The textile industry is a never-ending one when it comes to trends. Each day something new takes over the fashion world. Similar is the world of carpets. The art of carpet designing is one of the oldest art forms in the world. Since the dawn of time, intricate and traditional carpets have been designed and are being handcrafted by artisans. We at Obeetee Carpets understand the importance of being in sync with international standards and the changing decor trends. Since the past century, we’ve crafted end-number rugs for the world. Seeking inspiration from various elements of nature, abstract art, traditional motifs, and a lot more, our designers have designed some of the most unique carpets. We at Obeetee Carpets actively collaborate with renowned designers across the globe to come up with certain unique collections. The carpets in these sets are limited edition.

Recently we came up with a new designer collection- The Stitches in Time by Abraham and Thakore. Known for their modern approach to reviving heritage and cultural art forms, Abraham and Thakore are some of the best designers in the industry. The design duo follows the approach of minimalism and seeks inspiration from traditional art forms, bringing them to life with a modern and sophisticated style. 

The collection Stitches in Time is a set of multiple rugs featuring a universal color palette with a hand-knotted canvas. The canvas further embraces multiple minimalistic designs inspired by traditional art forms, bringing together the best of both worlds. The collection Stitches time together in real life.

Below are a few rugs from the collection that you can explore from the collection-

  1. Korobi Rug- A fine hand-knotted rug designed by A and T, Karobi is perfect to induce vibrancy in the atmosphere. The subtlety and the charismatic aura of this rug are enhanced by the Matt-Maroon shade forming the canvas, setting a beautiful base for the abstract yet traditional strokes in a lighter shade. Designed for contemporary homeowners eyeing a transitional aura in their space, the rug is in sync with international decor standards. Crafted using the best quality of materials, the is hand-knotted and comes with high durability and enhanced comfort.

    Get this rug here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/korobi-hand-knotted-rug-by-abraham-thakore

  2. Beas Rug- The Beas is another hand-knotted piece from the collection designed by A and T. Crafted using superior quality cotton and wool fiber, the carpet is hand-knotted by the experienced artist of Bhadohi. This carpet not only exudes a homely vibe but it is nothing less than a fine piece of art. The carpet comes with a traditional, earthy, and dark-light color palette, featuring a semi-symmetrical geometric floral design in 2 corners, driving to the center. The Beas rug carpet blends in with your space effortlessly and lends your space a transitional character. The rug is available in multiple sizes and colors.

    Learn more about this rug- https://www.obeetee.in/products/beas-hand-knotted-rug-by-abraham-thakore
  3. Neelam Rug- The blue tones dominating the hand-knotted canvas of the Neelam rug allow you to pour a magical aura into your living space. Shades of brown complement the traditional pattern embraced upon the canvas. The same-striped abstract art on the carpet balances traditionalism, making it a transitional piece. Bold yet subtle and sophisticated this carpet is crafted using a blend of wool and cotton, making it extra durable and comfortable.

    Seek more information about this hand-knotted carpet- https://www.obeetee.in/products/neelam-hand-knotted-rug-by-abraham-thakore

  4. Matsayalata Rug- Reminiscent of history’s building blocks, the cave paintings, the carpet canvas features a wall painting pattern practiced by the people in olden times. Designed to rejuvenate the lost charm of a modern home with traditional aesthetics, the Matsayalata carpet comes in a dark light combination of design and pattern of beige shades. The meshy structure in the middle stands as the focal point enclosed within a floral border. Hand-knotted with precision using high-quality wool and cotton, the carpet is nothing less than a piece of art.

    Seek more information about this rug- https://www.obeetee.in/products/matsayalata-hand-knotted-rug-by-abraham-thakore

The collection- Stitches in Time encapsulates the beauty, aesthetics, and magic of both worlds. Each carpet comes with a unique style, and pattern and is designed to blend into the interior of your space effortlessly. Modern approach when blended with such traditions is how we would define this latest collection by Abraham and Thakore.

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