White glove service

Surviving any business in the long run is not an easy task. An organization not only has to be successful but needs to give back to its customers and society. Today, many entrepreneurs and business owners fail to do so and, are in just for making profits. Obeetee Carpets, a reputed name in the carpet-making industry with a legacy of more than a century has seen every era of business. From the barter system to in-store sales to exploring the world of E-commerce, we at Obeetee are familiar with what the modern-day customer needs.

White glove service

Impulsive buying has now become a thing. While it may seem comforting, it might not be productive. Though e-commerce has made it easy to shop online, it is not possible to purchase everything over the internet. One buys clothes online but many of us still go to the store, try them on, and then make the purchase. Then came Myntra which changed the trend with the idea of ordering clothes online and trying them in the comfort of your home, the e-commerce fashion platform became a hit. When even the smallest things like clothes are tried and tested before you purchase them then why interior decor is a thing you need to think about.

We at Obeetee Carpets strongly believe in providing our customers with a top-notch experience. Whether you visit any of our flagship stores or make a purchase online, our team of professionals will make your carpet-purchasing journey a smooth one. Our team of executives will be there to guide you throughout and answer all your queries to help you make the right decision for your home. With changing times, we’ve come to realize that not only our designs but our services too need to be in sync with the trend. Allow us to introduce you to our White glove service.

Under the white glove service, we offer our consumers an elite and exquisite experience tailored according to the customer’s requirements encapsulating everything, from the material to the design, carpet selection, customization, and even the placement. For onboarding this service, the process is straightforward. To start with, you need to be interested in making a purchase. Following that you need to reach out to us by getting in touch with our customer service experts or drop us a query under the white glove section on our website. After the appointment is arranged, our team of professionals will get in touch with you, maybe make a home visit to understand your requirements, and preferences, and do a reiki of the carpet space. This service is beyond delivery, design consultations, suggestions, guidance, and other decor needs. It is about getting your desired carpet and transforming your home into a sanctuary that reflects your personality. Another point that is to be noted is that this elite service does not come with any additional charge, it is all included in the price of your carpet. With some simple explanation about their preferences to our professionals, customers can choose from a selected set of carpets hand-picked for them. They can also let our team know in case they wish to get a design custom-made for them.

While the white glove service is a testament to the dedicated customer service we provide, the contemporary world is on its toes with Artificial Intelligence. Not everyone likes to invite someone to inspect their place, thus, we have introduced Floori. Floori is an online, AI-generated service that we provide you, enabling you to see how a carpet would look inside your home. Just like Lens Kart 3d Tryon where you upload a picture of your face to get a glimpse of how the glasses look on your face, the ‘view in your room’ option on our website allows you to upload the picture of your space and see how the carpet of your choice would look inside your space.

Since the dawn of time, we Indians have been known for our traditions and hospitality. We at Obeetee Carpets are keen on providing our customers with a classic Indian hospitable journey while they pick the carpet for their homes. Furthermore, each of our carpets has been crafted using the best quality materials, sourced from the most fertile fields all across the country. The canvas of our carpets might be hosting a contemporary design but in the construction, each of our carpets is made by the hands of skilled artisans.  In our collection, you will find carpets crafted from the traditional, centuries-old hand-knotting and hand-tufting techniques.

The qualities of our services are seamlessness, quick response time, and creativity. We try to make your shopping experience a smooth one instead of giving you any hassle like the usual retail stores and other e-commerce platforms. In case you are on the lookout for a handmade carpet in the comfort of your home, visit our website, check out our designs, and drop your query at the white glove service section or place an order after exploring the 1st hand experience of our AI-generated facility.