Redefine Your Home with Our Furniture and Rugs

There comes a time for every homeowner when they will feel that the interior of their home has lost its charm. It no longer has the feeling of freshness. This sounds problematic to some but to a home decor enthusiast or a homeowner who is into decor, this is an opportunity to rejuvenate the missing charm of the interior. The interior decor of any space is a collection of various elements, all in different shapes, sizes, colors, and appeal, but they create a wholesome environment when put together. There always is one aspect that just syncs every element.

 Redefine Your Home with Our Furniture

While many elements collaborate to create the perfect interior, carpets, and furniture are the ones that define your space. The right carpet sets the base of your interior and the furniture sets the tone of your space. If you pick a vintage carpet with contemporary furniture, your house will host people with a transitional appeal and create a contradicting yet attractive visual appeal. If you choose both things of the same category, it will lack contrast and make your home look monotonous. The best way to revive the charm of your home is redecorating. While you can always re-arrange your interior, adding new stuff can also be helpful.

Adding the right carpet and furniture accessories will add definition to your place. It won’t just lend the room a new feel but create a welcoming environment inside your home filled with aesthetics and elegance. We at Obeetee Carpets have recently expanded our horizons into the furniture market as well. In our collection, you will find the perfect combination of rugs and furniture to define your space. Sweet in your home yet light on your pocket, items from our eclectic collection will rejuvenate the charm in case you are redecorating your space or creating the perfect atmosphere in your space if you are setting the interior of your new home.

If you are one of those souls who is into minimalism, pairing the Clark Rectangular Coffee Table from our collection with the Yuvan Table tufted rug will help you achieve that. The fine quality of the acacia wood used makes the table a durable and fine addition to your space. Complementing in a contrasting way, creating the perfect dark-light combination the hand-tufted, durable, and plush woolen carpet creates the perfect ambiance in your room, making your coffee time sophisticated and elegant.

For homeowners who like a room filled with textures and shapes, the Sage Loveseat and the Frost Upholstered bench will be perfect for getting up in the living room. Similar in color and texture but different in usage and style, both accents can be placed to create a sufficient seating arrangement in the living space. Crafted using acacia wood, both the pieces come with a textured fabric in a dark green color, encapsulating a plush cushion that provides comfort when used for seating. Complimenting the setup with a fine, hand-crafted coffee table will lend you that appeal and definition you are looking to add to your space. As the icing on the cake, placing a hand-made rug underneath will complete your space. For a setting like this, Floral Dumas, a hand-tufted floral print rug from our collection with wool in its composition would be suitable.

Another magnificent option would be to give each piece of furniture an individual identity with a carpet of its own. Place a runner by the bed, a small round rug under the coffee table, an area rug by the living furniture, and one under the dining table. Doing so will define the separate areas of your home and its purpose along with adding definition to your space and making it look sophisticated and tidy.

At Obeetee Carpets, you will find top-quality furniture accents to accentuate your living space. Our team of designers has worked hard to create unique designs. Seeking inspiration from the contemporary world, our set of furniture includes coffee tables, bar stools, martini tables, chairs, and storage benches. Each of our products has been crafted using the best quality of materials so that you can add the best to your homes. Similarly, in our carpet collection, you will find pieces composed of superior-quality raw materials, making each article durable and long-lasting. In terms of designs, we have rugs featuring bold floral motifs, contemporary art, abstract patterns, geometry, and a few showcasing the unnoticed things in the surroundings. Versatile and elegant, each of our rugs blends effortlessly into your interior and compliments the surroundings.

Rugs and furniture from Obeetee carpets help you define your homes. Our fine accents help homeowners of the contemporary world transform their homes into their desired sanctuary. To experience the magic of our rugs and furniture 1st hand, you can visit our website,, or any of our flagship stores located in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur and Kolkata.