Celebrity Homes: Spotting Trendy Rugs in the Rich and Famous

Celebrities across the globe have an undeniable influence on people. Be it actors, Instagram influencers, or bloggers, once someone gets the public's attention on a wide scale, they become trendsetters. The actions, way of life, norms, political instances, or philanthropic endeavors of celebrities have the power to inspire and motivate. They set trends that ripple through the complexities of society, from fashion, and beauty standards to lifestyle choices. More than just admiration, the common man translates these changes in behavior, practices, and beliefs.

Trendy Rugs in the Rich and Famous

Recently, one thing that has been majorly affecting the choices of people is the lifestyle of celebrities. While coping with the changing fashion and beauty trends is easy, being in sync with a lavish lifestyle might take a toll on your pocket. From having vast homes and villas with a magnificent interior, almost like the ones shown in any Dharma movie, the interiors of their homes include the most unique decor accents, custom-made furniture, ornate tapestries, and paints and tying them all together, a well-hand-knotted rug made using the finest of the finest materials.

Interior design is always changing, and the best places to look for upcoming trends in the realm of decor are often the interiors of the homes. Sourcing exclusive celeb-like furniture and decor accents can be expensive but getting that base that sets it all together can be in your budget, after all, it's the main element. A well-hand-crafted carpet can add elegance and elevate the aura of the space effortlessly. It won't just get your home that wholesome vibe but induce that celeb-home feeling as well. Be it the vintage home of the Raichands, or the contemporary casa of Rocky Randhawa, a rug has always played a major role in setting the character of the space. These homes not only show off these beautiful rugs but also set a trend for the inclusion of these beautiful accents in the interiors.

Carpets are probably the only decor accent that has remained untouched through time. While the canvas of this handmade piece of art is being updated according to the trends. Especially curated for you, here are a few trends that the celebs follow(rug-wise) inside the decor of their homes. Follow these and give your interior that royal and sophisticated touch.

  • The rug Material- In terms of material, celebrities usually buy carpets crafted using natural materials. These are not only germ-free but are less processed and do not affect your space in any harmful way. Rugs crafted with naturally occurring materials like wool, and cotton, are durable, free of mixed materials, pure, and provide extra comfort.
  • Crafting- In the era where machines have taken over man, celebs prefer to purchase carpets crafted by hand. Handmade carpets are not only more valuable but also have exceptional finishing. Each design is hand-embroidered and basts of perfection, creating a perfect home.
  • Design- Probably one of the major trendsetters, the design of the rug plays a crucial role in the interior. While in traditional spaces, a handmade rug with a vintage pattern goes well. However, this trend has been taken over by creating a statement through the interior, basically, nowadays even in vintage spaces, contemporary rugs are being placed. This only blesses the space with modern elegance but also with a timeless charm.
  • Oversized- While many people use multiple rugs, in bigger homes, the trend of Oversized rugs is booming. Covering the entire room with a common carpet lends a wholesome personality to the space. It fills the room with continuity and makes it easy for layering. Choosing the right oversized rug is the key. In case you get an oversized rug and it does not match your interior, it will disrupt the entire setup of the space.
  • Layering- Placing one rug over another to create layers is another rug placement trend. In a room with an oversized rug, continuity can also be monotonous. Layering small rugs won’t just act as a compliment to the room but also separate different elements of the room. The rugs can be of a similar color but a different pattern to stand out yet be in sync with the aura of the space.

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