What’s new at Obeetee Carpets?

Variety is the spice of life. Adding something new and different always maintains interest. Just like all of you change things every once in a while, like going on a vacation months after a stagnant and set routine, keep on updating the wardrobe, driving different cars, etc just like the trends keep changing. These new additions keep you up to date and in sync with the contemporary world today along with diversing your lifestyle.

Latest Collection Launches of 2024

At Obeetee Carpets, we try to keep up with the contemporary world and include what’s trending in our product catalog. Last year we expanded our horizon from just carpets to cushions. Thankfully our stars were so grateful to us that we have such a hardworking team. This team made it possible for us to begin our 2024 with a bang. We recently launched 2 new collections of carpets and a fresh line of furniture. These new additions to our portfolio are more than just ‘something new’. These are a testament to our hard work, the top-notch customer service we provide, and of course the fine quality and craftsmanship.

In the 1st week of January 2024, we collaborated with Disney. Yes, if you browse through our website, you will find rugs for your kids’ room featuring the Marvel superheroes, Disney princesses, and designs of the various Disney movies. From the 1st Avenger to the magic of Aladdin, from Black Panther to the fun-filled adventures of the Lion King, from Iron Man’s personality to the banter at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we have crafted these rugs with love, affection, and precise technique.

The collection inspired by the world of Disney boasts fun, vibrancy, and a jolly vibe in your kids’ space. Each rug has been crafted using the best quality materials and has been through various safety checks to give you what’s best for your children. Hand-tufted by the skilled artisans of Bhadohi, the carpets were crafted at our house in Mirzapur. Once placed in the playroom, the carpets will fill the atmosphere with unmatched elegance along with giving your kids a plush pile to play and fall upon, protecting them from the hard floors.

Captain America Shield is one of the rugs from the collection. Crafted using wool and viscose of the finest quality, the rug comes in a round. A heroic addition to the playroom, the rug can either be placed on the floor or the wall as a tapestry. Embracing the carpet canvas is the design inspired by Captain America’s shield, the rug fills the space with the confident charisma of the 1st Avenger.

The Chroma People-

A few weeks into 2024, Obeetee Carpets partnered up with the contemporary rug maker Tissage and launched a new collection, The Chroma People. Embracing the connection between colors and emotions, this collection emphasizes creating a tribe of color. Bringing the most unnoticed yet unique shades to life along with their cultural relevance, the collection is designed for modern homeowners.

Putting forward the best of both worlds, Obeetee’s traditional craftsmanship, and Tissage’s contemporary designer approach, the Chroma People is an eclectic collection of rugs with self-textured patterns and a whimsical color palette. Since each color has a different influence on our mood, each rug in this collection exudes a unique vibe.

Golden Glow, the carpet featuring the Flax shade is one of the artistic pieces of our collection. gracefully interwoven with shades of white and gray, evoking the essence of a sunset delicately painted on canvas. The Goldenglow carpet is meticulously handcrafted using a luxurious blend of silk and wool fibers. Balancing contemporary flair with a touch of timeless elegance, this carpet imbues your space with a transitional allure while infusing your home with a vibrant, springtime atmosphere.

Our furniture line was something unexpected for almost everyone. Being in the Rug industry for more than a century, we realized that it’s time to expand into other dimensions as well. Now, being full-fledged decor providers, with this furniture line you need not visit other places for your home’s interior. From chairs to martini tables, bar stools to shelves, from luxury sofas and storage benches, we have everything necessary to accent a contemporary living space.

Each piece of furniture is the epitome of our fine craftsmanship. In sync with international standards in terms of quality and design, everything in our collection has been crafted by hand using luscious acacia wood, cane, and best-quality iron. Just like our rugs, our furniture pieces come with assured durability and flawless finish to the smallest nail. The finishing of these accents is done using long-lasting polish, allowing the wood to retain its natural shades and elevate your space(s) with an aesthetic and charming visual appeal along with enhanced comfort.

While we have planned multiple launches this year, these are a few that we have introduced in our catalog so far. To explore, you can always visit our website, https://www.obeetee.in/, or any of our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.