The Coziest Movie Nights: How Rugs Transform Home Theaters

Entertainment is one of the basic needs now. Every once in a while you need some kind of distraction to loosen up and enjoy the gift of life. Though everyone might have their own definition of the word, movies are one of the mainstream answers. A total blend of emotions, action, morals, music, dance, and education, all placed together to create a 3-hour story is the best way to free your mind from the riff-raff of your daily 9 to 5 job. Most of us have been to a cinema hall. The big screen, comfy chairs, air conditioner, and tasty snack, all create a perfect cinematic experience. Little that you don’t know is the reason why all the cinema halls have a rug covering the entire floor.  More than just decor, this plush carpet helps create your cinematic experience. It not only adds comfort under your feet but also gives you the red carpet feeling.

The Coziest Movie Nights_ How Rugs Transform Home Theaters

Seeking inspiration from this idea, many homeowners today ask their architects to build a home theater in their spaces.  Draw a picture with us. It’s a windy autumn evening, with a slight pitter-patter of the rain shower, sunlight piercing through adding warmth to the environment. You are sitting on a comfortable recliner in your favorite comforter and as the warm glow of the screen reaches your eyes you place your toes on the floor and experience a plush underfoot, a zeal of warmth and relaxation tackles over you. This is the magic of having movie nights at your home. In the fast-paced world today that is heavily affected by inflation, creating a cozy sanctuary of relaxation and entertainment is important to burnout stress. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by creating a theatrical space in your home. It won't necessarily have to be a big room with a screen, recliners, and a sound system, it can simply be a roll-out projector screen and a Bluetooth speaker in your room.  One thing that you cannot miss is a plush carpet though. Just like in a commercial theater, it sets the ambiance of luxury and sophistication and also sets the mood just right.

Benefits of having a carpet in your home theater-

  1. A carpet with a thick pile is a good sound absorber. You might not have such a big budget while creating a home theater to install sound absorbers. A handmade carpet crafted with heavy materials will absorb all the echo in the room, enhancing your movie experience with a better sound.
  2. In terms of decor, a carpet that matches the aesthetics of your room enhances the visuals of the space and ties the entire room together.
  3. For instance, if you are watching a Hollywood movie, the carpet will give you that feeling of the red carpet right inside your home.

At Obeetee Carpets, we have been crafting rugs for over a century now. From modern to traditional, runners to area rugs we have an eclectic range of carpets for you to choose from and elevate your home theatrical experience. A few of the rugs that we would recommend you are:-

  1. Delia- A hand-tufted carpet from our collection, Delia is a rug for modern setups. Since home theaters are one of the contemporary additions to your home, this rug is the one to set the base. Crafted using high-quality wool and cotton fiber, this rug comes with a thick pile. Not only a good sound absorber but the rug also induces comfort to your movie nights. The durable base of the Delia rug boasts a minimalistic abstract design in earthy shades, complimenting the dense yet upbeat aura of the space.
  2. Baahir- One of our best sellers because of its versatility, the Baahir is a hand-tufted article from our collection. Design-wise, the carpet embraces a minimal self-abstract pattern in a color reminiscent of that of the celebrity carpet. Wool and cotton in its construction make the Baahir rug a good sound balancer, preventing your ears from possible echo in your space. Durable and comfortable underfoot, the rug elevates the character of your space and gives you a feeling of an actual theater.
  3. Cliupetra- A blue hues rug with hints of white, reminiscent of the ocean weaves lends the Cliupetra rug a modern approach. Designed by our professionals for contemporary setups, the rug adds sophistication to the setting. In your home theater OR a DIY home theater set up, the rug not only induces the space with comfort but also visual appeal. Instead of sitting on the couch or the recliner, you can sit directly on the durable canvas of the Cliupetra rug, and enjoy a perfect date night. Crafted using wool and cotton, the rug is hand-tufted.

The carpets listed above are just a glimpse of what we have in our collection. To browse through, you can visit our website or any of our flagship stores.