Vintage rugs for your home

Time works in mysterious ways. What goes back does come around. Irrespective of the industry, everything vintage is coming back trend. In fashion, loose-fit clothes are taking over; in the FMCG market, old packaging designs are being renewed; and in home decor, the vintage magic and the concept of traditionalism have found their way back into the interior of contemporary homes. Vintage or vintage-themed decor accessories bring a historic touch to the spaces. Unlike the mass-produced modern items, they are unique and lend the space an artistic aura. The timeless charm of such pieces adds a royal touch to your spaces, creating a contrasting yet attractive look that contradicts the contemporary world.

Vintage rugs for your home


Carpet is the most prized possession of the ‘decor world’. It is an accent that not only has stood against the test of time but has been a part of all the historical tales, even depicting some on durable canvas. Adding a vintage carpet into your living space equates to a significant move in transforming your space, adding a new life. Many rug makers, including us at Obeetee Carpets, have been crafting vintage carpets by seeking inspiration from historic Persian motifs, traditional patterns, and real-life vintage rugs. Our process involves meticulous research, careful selection of materials, and skilled craftsmanship to ensure the authenticity and quality of each rug. However, to choose the right vendor, one needs to know certain qualities about vintage rugs.

Perks of Vintage rugs

1. Timeless appeal- The design and pattern adorning the canvas of a rug make it vintage. Rugs boasting a vintage vibe often come with an earthy palette and bold colors with heavy patterns. Rugs with such a character create a magical and traditional aura, complementing the entire furniture in the room.

2. Uniqueness- Vintage rugs often have unique patterns and styles. Unlike mass-produced goods, an original vintage carpet is one of a kind, or if it’s a copy of the original, only a limited number of pieces are crafted, making it a rare find. This exclusivity allows you to showcase the rug's unique charm at parties or get-togethers, making you feel special.

3. Comfort- While design is one factor, rugs with a vintage appeal are inspired by original rugs in every way. Since the original pieces have stood the test of time, the inspirations are made with the same durable and long-lasting materials, making the rug thick, comfortable, and durable enough to last generations. This durability ensures that your investment in a vintage rug is a secure one, providing you with peace of mind.

We at Obeetee Carpets, one of the largest rugmakers in the country since the past century, have a rich history and heritage. Our journey began in [year], and since then, we have been committed to preserving the art of rug making and delivering the highest quality products to our customers. In our collection, you will find authentic remakes of vintage rugs like the ‘hunting Tabriz’, ‘Parzyzk rug’, and many more. We actively collaborate with designers to create various traditional designs for your homes. Each piece in our collection has been crafted using the best quality materials, making our rugs last long, even for generations. Each piece is handmade using hand-knotted and hand-tufted techniques by skilled artisans who also have been crafting for us for generations. Below are a few vintage rugs from our Vintage edit collection that will help you add life to your contemporary homes and transform your space into a traditional sanctuary

1. Aurora- A hand-knotted piece from the house of Obeeetee, Aurora is a rug that comes in tones of blue, embedding a traditional pattern. In its construction, the carpet has a fine wool canvas, making it durable and comfortable. The soothing shade of blue compliments the traditional motif crafts in yellow strokes, making the vintage carpet boast a transitional look. This rug is unique and available in multiple sizes. It is designed for modern homes that have a conventional touch.

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2. Arabesque- Crafted by highly skilled artisans using international grade wool fiber, Arabesque is a unique piece from our Vintage edit collection. Hand-knotted in its construction, the carpet is a runner piece designed for narrow passages or corridors. Muted beige and yellow/golden tones form a traditional design, making the rug classical.

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3. Shine- Beige shades lend the perfect base to Persian motifs, which is how we define the Shine rug. Crafted using international-grade wool fiber, the carpet comes in a thick pile and is highly durable. Bold floral motifs add life to your interior and become the focal point in your space, getting all the attention. Hand-knotted with precision, the vintage rug makes your space Shine with its timeless charm. Learn more about this rug-

4. Ravten- Simple, elegant, yet bold, the Ravten is a hand-knotted piece from our collection crafted using wool and cotton. The monochromatic shades give the rug the character of a hero in the black-and-white era. The Oushak and Khotan motifs with light strokes of white make the carpet look worn out, enhancing the authenticity of the design. Place this rug in the living space or the dining hall and watch it induce royalty to the area. Get this rug here-

5. Babak- Dense floral designs inspired by the traditional Persian patterns that traveled from Meshed, the capital of Eastern Persia, adorn the hand-knotted canvas of the Babak rug. Earthy shades give the carpet a vintage charm and complement the beautiful pattern in the pure woolen canvas. Designed for modern homes, the babak hand-knotted rug is a durable piece that would get you all the compliments in any get-together.

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While these are just a few options, our collection offers a wide variety of designs and sizes, enabling you to transform your home into a timeless sanctuary of beauty. For more information or to explore more options, visit our e-commerce platform or any of our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Jaipur. The plethora of choices will surely excite you and help you find the perfect vintage rug for your space.