The Science of Colors and Patterns: Obeetee's Palette Selection Process

Our brain is wired to pay attention to unusual things. With a contrasting pattern or a different shade of color, our attention is immediately drawn towards the unique things in our surroundings. Taking advantage of this unique feature of the human mind, our ancestors were able to identify potential threats, food and survive in case of any dangers. Even in the plant and animal kingdom, bright colors and different patterns serve as survival functions.

Not only limited to survival, colors, and patterns are unique marketing and attention-driving tools.  From a simple painting to a detailed motion picture, from basic fashion to the detailed decor of your home, the colors and patterns serve as a means to enhance visual appeal.

The Science of Colors and Patterns

In today’s world, the decor industry is based on the science behind the colors and patterns. Not only do the brands take advantage of the concept of unique and unusual to attract customers, but the customers themselves use this as a tool to enhance the visual appeal inside their homes. When talking about home decor, we at Obeetee have a century-old experience in this realm. Let us help you understand the science of colors and patterns through our ways of application while we craft handmade carpets for you.

The Strength of Colors-

Colors have a way of evoking emotions, influencing your mood, and uplifting feelings within you. We at Obeetee Carpets understand this concept and pick a unique color palette for each of our carpets.

  • The Psychology
    The science behind this concept reveals that colors can trigger different emotions. For eg- The shades used in a movie, the main character is often happy and shown in all bright colors while the villain has a very negative aura and is often complimented by darker hues.
    Every color has its own essence and portrays a different emotion. Red color portrays a bold and statement-making point while bright hues of yellow exude a happy feeling. Warm shades like orange evoke feelings of passion while cool colors like green and blue make you feel calm and soothing.
  • Significance
    Each color holds a cultural significance. In a variety of cultures, specific colors tap into certain traditions and feelings. Eg- for Hindutva, the Kesari color holds an important role and is related to the gods. Even the three colors on the Tiranga have specific meanings.
  • The Impact
    The selection of colors creates an impact on the personality of our rugs and your spaces. Dark shades can add an intense and dense aura to your space and make it cozy while cooler and lighter shades may induce a contemporary character and make your room look spacious.

We at Obeetee Carpets, craft rugs with versatile color palettes. Our color selection process is harmonious. Our designers analyze the physiological responses to each color and then make a versatile color palette.  Each of our rugs is a statement-making piece and evokes emotions not just within you but also adds the same to your room’s aura. We make sure that for carpets that feature cultural and traditional patterns, we use colors related to that culture to add significance to your decor. We have a variety of carpets adorned with various hues, each suitable for the type of character you wish to add n your space.

The Art of Patterns-

Patterns add a layer of intrigue and density to the realm of design. They often add continuity, tell a story, justify emotions, and create visual interest. Our carpets and cushions are adorned with patterns inspired by the culture and traditions all over the world along with the abstract art of today.

  • Emotions x Patterns
    Just like colors, patterns can also evoke or describe emotions. Floral motifs often portray a happy and comfortable feeling while bold geometric patterns portray a sense of being orderly and tidy, Cultural patterns on the other hand tap into the spirituality within you.
  • The recognition
    The human mind automatically interprets patterns based on their wireframe. It is like an auto-impulse that we tend to see a particular pattern and we begin to move along its flow. Patterns can either make your space look spacious or congested.
  • Storytelling
    Rugs adorned with a historic and cultural design often provide a few insights into the olden times. These narrative patterns add depth to the carpet, in turn adding significance and elegance to your space.

From geometric patterns to make your space look defined, to traditional and bold patterns inspired by cultures all over the world, we at Obeetee craft carpets for you with designs and patterns that immediately catch the attention of any space. We also have multiple options featuring abstract patterns to appeal to the homeowners of today who wish to have a contemporary home.

With our commitment to providing you with the best, we carefully select colors and patterns with a complete analysis. The rugs we handcraft at Obeetee evoke emotions, tell stories, and transform spaces.  Whether you're looking to create a warm and cozy space, a refined dining experience, or a creative and productive workspace, Obeetee has the perfect palette and pattern to turn your vision into reality.