Carpets and Seasonal Decor

Adding a seasonal touch to your interior decor can really liven up your living space. By doing so, you won’t just feel the transitional touch of nature outside but also inside, in the comfort of your home. All it takes is rearranging the placements of a few items and placing a season-reminiscent rug, and you are good to go. The changing season outside is like a natural alarm for you to update your decor. With these regular updates, you can embrace what nature has to offer and also the seasonal creations that we at Obeetee Carpets curate for you.

Carpets and Seasonal Decor

By now you might be familiar that carpet sets the base of any interior. The right rug is what makes the seasonal transition into your home.  Along with the pattern, make sure you pick the rug of the right material. While a woolen rug will add warmth to your home in winter, it might not be as soothing in the summer.

We understand that a carpet might be along long-term investment for you. Purchasing a different rug every season might take a toll on your pocket. In that case, you can rearrange the decor along with your carpet according to the season.

  • For a summer home, you can place your rug at the center of your seating space and maybe a few cotton cushions on the furniture. To complement the rug, add in that summer vibe with the use of decor accessories of cooler shades. Keep the room spacious so that it doesn't look congested and there is enough space to move.
  • During the fall season, you can change the placement of your furniture and create a cozy corner with your rug below. You can also include artificial flowers at this time in your decor to balance out the falling leaves outside.
  • During the winter, you can place your rug by the fireplace and with the seating furniture and add dim lights to add warmth. Compliment your rug by adding a tapestry on the wall beside Christmas decorations. Placing your rug beside the Christmas tree to create a place to put your gifts is also a good idea.

You can keep the same rug every season and update your decor accordingly. However, if you are a little extravagant, you can always buy a new rug every season.
Without any further ado, let's dive in and explore how you can embrace the seasonal experience in your homes with our creations.

  • The Fall Fascination

As the summer ends and we enter the fall, you might seek a cozy and vintage space for yourself. Take hints from the falling brown and orange leaves and embrace your home with a carpet adorned with rustic shades and mellow yellow hues. With intimidating and dense shades outside, the autumn is a good time to explore these shades and add a vintage character to your space. Material-wise, rugs made with viscose and silk will be a good choice. These fibers are lustrous and add the sparkle that goes best with the approaching Halloween holiday.

Our Bargello Hand Tufted Woollen Rug is one such rug that might add elegance to your home during the fall season. Made using the best quality materials, this carpet features geometric patterns in rustic shades that add freshness to any decor style.

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  • Create a Winter Wonderland

The winter begins right after the clock strikes 12 at Halloween. The perfect season of the year when you can just curl up on the couch by the fire, sit in your cozy jackets and sweaters, and sip a hot cup of coffee. Just like that warm corner, you can create a cozy atmosphere in your entire living space by simply changing the rug in your decor. For a breezy winter update, you can add in a neutral-shaded yet playful and furry warm woolen rug. Soothing to the eye, the rug will go well in contrast to the white snow outside. On the other hand, dark shades and rugs with heavy designs can also create a cozy atmosphere in your home. All you have to do is make sure to pick a rug that goes with your decor.  It will give you a soft cushion and a warm path underfoot. Apart from the decor, if you are looking to insulate your home, a thick and plush rug in your transitional space is the right choice.

The Serapi-B Hand Tufted Woollen Rug is one of the many rugs in our collection suitable for your winter decor. Handwoven with the finest wool fiber, this rug with its bold patterns and dark hues of red, induces warmth and beauty to your interior.
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  • Step in the Sensational Springtime

After the snowfall stops and the flowing breeze starts to become slightly cozy, you will know that it's springtime—a time for rejuvenation not just for nature. Like our mother earth, you might have also grown out of the dark shades in your homes. With the bright hues of the blooming flowers and the lushing movement of the green trees with the semi-cold wind, it's time to add colors and life to your home. All about bright hues and flowers, the spring season is the time to incorporate carpets reminiscent of nature and liven up your space. A rug with a floral pattern is a statement-making piece that instantly becomes the focal point. A flatweave rug is a good choice during this season because they are easy to maintain and comes in a variety of designs and patterns for you to choose from.

One of the finest flat weave rugs from our collection for your springtime decor is the Stripe Hand Woven Jute Dhurrie. Made using fine jute fiber, the dhurrie features a striped design adorned in vibrant multiple hues. Each shade adds the grace of the blooming nature inside your home.

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  • Dwell with the Soothing Summers

As we almost complete a round around the sun, the summers soon enter our lives. Now, you get a chance to replace the heavy winter rugs and the floral themes of spring with cool and soothing neutral shades of the summer. Rugs featuring a minimalistic design make your area look spacious and breathable in the warm summer sun. Made with natural fibers like cotton and jute, rugs are extremely popular in homes during this season. Neutral shaded rugs are a go-to option for many homeowners as it helps create a cool atmosphere in the rooms.

Polyester rugs are also a good choice for your summer decor. Easy to maintain and highly durable, these carpets come in a variety of designs to add character to your home and withstand the high footfall that you might get into your home during the winter break.

The Cliupetra Hand Tufted Woollen And Cotton Rug is one of the perfect options for you to include in your summer decor. Made using fine wool and cotton fiber this rug is comfortable;e and durable enough to withstand high foot traffic. The neutral shade of blue creates a soothing atmosphere in your living space and also makes the area look spacious.

Decorating by the season can instantly add life to your home. By rearranging the decor with one rug or getting a new simple seasonal rug paired with your creativity and existing elements of your decor can tie your space together and give your interior a rebirth.  At Obeetee Carpets, we have a variety of budget-friendly and beautiful carpets in our eclectic collections. Each of these carpets is designed in a way to blend in effortlessly with your decor and give you the desired seasonal update you want on your decor. From summer to winter, spring to fall, we have handmade carpets for your home for every season.

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