Obeetee Carpets in Historical Context: A Look at Iconic Installations

In a world driven by innovation and evolution, certain treasures stand against the test of time and bear witness to a roadway of centuries. People think that these treasures are mere expensive metals, but little do they know about the art and craft embedded in the rich heritage of the world. As a testament to fine artistry and craftsmanship, among many either things, carpets stand as a symbol of the cultural richness of civilizations around the world.  As we embark on this intriguing journey through some of our historical installations of carpets, we invite you to join us on an exploration of the newsworthy threads that we have woven into our past and continue to do so in our present.

Obeetee Carpets in Historical Context

We, Obeetee Carpets have been in the rug-making industry for a century now.  Since 1920, we have been crafting carpets that are not mere floor coverings but the storytellers of our heritage. Each of our carpets is adorned with intricate patterns, and vibrant colors, and reflects a meticulous stitch that is a mirror to the creative artisans.  From the ornate Persian rugs that grace the halls of the parliament of India to the woven treasures adorning the hotels and resorts in India and outside its borders, our, carpets encapsulate the essence of diverse cultures, traditions, and aspirations.

In the year 1992, the president of India commissioned 2 rugs from Obeetee. Adorning the Grey Dining room hall of the majestic presidential palace, the rug measures 65 feet x 60 feet. This Persian rug was indeed labored with love. Meticulously hand-knotted over 9 months, a team of 33 weavers worked in 3 alternate shifts to finish the rug and deliver it to President Venkatraman as he wished to use it before his retirement. Red in color, the rug featured a detailed motif along with a versatile color palette in its design. Delighted by the rugs, as a token of appreciation, he invited our team of weavers to tea.

With experience over the past 3 decades, we have only become better in terms of taking up contractual jobs. Our reliable and affordable construction possibilities are accompanied by endless designs. From residential to commercial, hotels to lobbies, staircases to airplanes, we’ve installed carpets in all living and working environments. With an ability to execute large-scale projects with custom sizes and the given timelines, we have been an active part of multiple government projects. We also have an SA 800 certificate as proof of our compliance with ethical, social, and environmental possibilities.

Apart from the prestigious installation at Rashtrrapati Bhawan, some of our historical installations include-

  1. At the Soho House properties in Chicago and New York, we installed a set of hand-knotted and pit loom flat weave carpets featuring modern and Moroccan designs. Adorning the seating rooms and the bedrooms of both these properties, our carpets induced a unique character to the spaces and made the customers have a comforting experience.
  2. Situated in Vienna, The Park Hyatt Hotel reached out to us with a detailed glasswork design inspired by their building’s exterior. Our professional designers used the same as their inspiration and designed fined rugs for them. Hand-tufted with precision, these rugs adorn the halls of the hotel with their delicate intricacy and fine quality.
  3. In the Amarvials property of The Oberoi group in Agra, all the rooms are adorned with hand-tufted carpets. For the public spaces to withstand the heavy footfall, a set of hand-knotted carpets were installed. Made with the best quality fibers, all the rugs had unique designs, seamlessly elevating the spaces around them.
    Not only in Agra, Obeetee carpets are installed in properties of the Oberoi group all over the country.

    Along with these, In hotels and resorts like the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, the Lodhi in Delhi, the Leela Palace in Bangalore, and various Properties of The Radisson and Leamontree, etc, carpets by Obeetee adorn these luxurious properties. Each of our installations includes carpets ranging from hand-tufted and hand-knotted to flat weaves. With elaborative designs and a great color scheme, these carpets effortlessly blended in with the decor.
  4. Not the last one as many more are on the way, We recently had the opportunity to be a part of the Central Vista project of our country. With an effort of 10 lakh man hours, dedication, and hard work of 900 experienced artisans from Mirzapur, we crafted a total of 314 carpets for both houses in the new Parliament building. A total of 600 million knots were tied according to 120 knots per sq. inch to bring out 2 masterpieces. The 158 carpets woven for the lower house(The Lok Sabha) featured the intricate motifs of the peacock - India's national bird and the other 156 at the Upper house (The Rajya Sabha) showcased the exquisite motifs of the national flower, the lotus.

With a dedicated production and design team, we have a vast design archive and color bank supporting us for all kinds of design tasks. We are your one-stop shop offering a complete range of handmade exquisite home furnishings for the commercial and domestic market, made with the best quality materials, our rugs are durable and, thus, are suitable for high-traffic areas.