Playing with Patterns: Incorporating Monochrome Rugs & Cushions into Various Room Styles

In a dual-shaded world where ebony compliments ivory, the day contrasts night, and darkness is tackled by light, we find peace in the beauty of contrasts. This centuries-old wisdom is extended to embrace the realm of interior design, where the interaction of a monochromatic color palette is now a captivating art form. The combination of dark-light hues not only adds a unique character to your spaces but also encaptures the different shades of life, and brings that essence into your homes.

Incorporating Monochrome Rugs & cushions

Shapes and patterns are another way to add some mood to the area. They have a way of triggering psychological responses. Quoting metaphorically, ‘they shape our mood’. Another factor that makes them unique is that our brains automatically navigate toward these patterns as they seem visually appealing. Thus, the artistic use of patterned decor accents enhances the space with aesthetics and adds awareness to the atmosphere.

Individually, the two mentioned above are effective, but when infused together, nothing can match their visual appeal.  From mere flower vases to huge wallpapers, a patterned decor accessory with a monochrome color palette knows how to lower its voice. If you have a neutral decor theme, or a room with a modern, minimalist design, a patterned decor accent with a monochrome palette can provide simple, clean lines that pair nicely with the rest of your space, without darkening or adding too much noise.

Being in the industry for the past century, we at Obeetee Carpets have noticed the public demand for patterned decor accessories with a monochrome color palette. To cope with the same, we keep updating our monochrome shade catalog with today's modern styles.
The foundational stone of your home lies in fine rugs. In our collection, we have handmade carpets, and cushions adorned with unique abstract and traditional patterns with monochromatic hues. As you dive deeper into the world of adornment and aesthetics, you’ll witness how these good old classic shades lend a deep character to your spaces.

In this blog, you will find a thorough guide on how to incorporate our extravagant carpets and cushions of monochromatic shades and unique design patterns into your space and unveil that desired Pinterest aura. 

  1. The living room- The living room is the heart of your home. It's a place where you spend your extra hours relaxing and enjoying with your family and entertaining guests. You need to make sure that this area is like a mirror of your personality and sets the base of the atmosphere you wish to create in your home. Thus, the decor of your living room needs to be on point.
    You can go for a patterned look on the floor along with a crisp and clean with the cushions complimenting your rug or the other way around. The unique quality of the monochromatic shades is that they blend in with the furniture effortlessly irrespective of their color. However, it will be like icing on the cake if the furniture is also monochromatic.

    Adding a patterned rug at the center of the seating area will make it the focal point. Throw in a few cushions to enhance the aesthetics and comfort and your living room is ready to host parties or daily tea breaks with your family

    Our Panthera Hand Tufted Woollen And Cotton Rug from the safari chic collection is a fine statement-making piece for your living room. Handtufted to perfection, this rug is adorned with a pattern design in black on a beautiful white base. Ready to exude a bold aura in your room, the rug best goes with our Doyang Hand Woven Cotton Cushion from our Nagalore collection. Hand-woven with the native shawl weaving technique of Nagaland, the cushion is made with comfortable cotton material and is a fine accent to induce a vintage yet modern aura in your space.
  2. The bedroom- This room is very personal and intimate to you. Here you need to make sure to keep a minimal and simple visual appeal but with great comfort. After all, this place is the 1st where you begin your day. Irrespective of your bed frame and the shade of your wardrobe, a simple striped or plain rug will add that touch of personalism and sophistication. You can put a small geometric rug under the side table along with a cushion to pair it up with and a minimal monochromatic rug at the bed footer to give your room a defined and aesthetic vibe.

    The Yuvan Table Tufted Woollen Rug from our collection would be an ideal piece for your bedroom. Adorned in a minimalistic self-pattern in shades of white, this fine piece when placed beneath your bed, will add a fine comforting plush pile underfoot and elevate the room aura with aesthetics. To complement its beauty, place our Amaroni Embroidered Resa Cotton Cushion on the bed and create a monochromatic color palette in your room. The modern look of the carpet with the vintage look of the cushion will lend a unique character to your bedroom.
  3. The Dining area- An extension to the living area, this place needs to look aesthetic and be comfortable because of the long sitting hours and conversations over meals that take place. Placing a geometrically patterned rug under the dining furniture will give you a neat, tidy, and aesthetic place to eat. Might not be needed but you can place a cushion on every chair to enhance the visual appeal and comfort.
    You can also place a rug with a minimal pattern as the beauty of your dining crockery will balance out the aesthetics.
    Adorned with gray shaded patterns in a symmetrical manner our Mord Hand Tufted Woollen Rug is a perfect piece to be placed under the dining table. Customizable according to the size and shape of your dining table, this woolen rug gives you comfort underfoot. To enhance the aesthetics, add our Dikhu hand-woven cushion from the Nagalore collection. Made with the naga shawl weaving technique, the black hues of this cushion will create a perfect monochromatic combination in your space and enhance your dining experience.

Monochromatic palettes include the most raw and effective shades of Theret, there was a time when even our TV screens and Cinema halls had only these shades. With such a raw color pallet, you cannot mess up. Even if you mix and match these shades with the remaining vibrant hues, decor accessories like rugs and cushions will just blend and elevate the room.
At Obeetee Carpets, you can get rugs and cushions crafted by the hands of experienced artisans of Bhadohi with traditional knotting and tufting techniques. Made using the best quality materials and dyes, we have a versatile collection of cushions and carpets adorned in monochromatic shades to add an aesthetic character to your place.