The Magic of Red Rugs

Contradictions are threads that weave the canvas of life, intricate sometimes and sometimes bemusing. They're the moments when love and pain ball dance together, joy emerges from the depths of sorrow, and the beauty of existence reveals itself in its most enigmatic form. At first glance, contradictions may appear unsettling, challenging our understanding of the world. Yet, upon closer glance through various perspectives, they unfold like petals of a blooming lotus emerging from the smelly mud, revealing their intricate allure.

 The Magic of Red Rugs

Talking about contradictions reminds us of the Red color. A color that embodies the 2 elements that drive the world, Love and Danger. Little did the Egyptians know that the timeless hue discovered by them would be a symbol of passion, warmth, and love but also a signal of caution, danger, and risk. In this duality, lies a beauty, the mirrors of love but with their vulnerability.

As breathtaking as the red hue is, we at Obeetee Carpets try to embrace it with affection and bless our carpets with a bliss of intimate intricacy. In the history of colors, red stands as a shade of dominance, elegance, love, and bold personality. Rugs featuring such a color palette not only elevate your space but also fill your home with a statement-making aura. Ruby, merlot, rust, maroon, whether bright or more subdued, rolling out a red rug in your space is the perfect way to add both dramatic flair and classic beauty. In our collection of hand-crafted rugs, we have a variety of rugs you could choose from. If we cover them all, well that won’t be possible. So, here are a few that might be suitable for your space in this season of love.

  1. Scarlet Rug- Hand-knotted using international-grade silk and wool fibers, the Scarlet is an elegant piece from our latest collection. Chroma people. Fiery reds induced with subtle earthy browns encapsulate the affection between life and death, the 2 things keeping the world running. Boasting of a sophisticated aura along with adding a contemporary zeal to your living space, the rug is an ideal addition to your decor if you are looking to throw an intimate get-together or create a space filled with love and warmth.

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  2. Merida- Modernity and traditionalism join hands to create this hand-knotted masterpiece. The use of high-quality wool makes the canvas of the Merida rug durable and comfortable. Belonging to our Amira collection, inspired by the beautiful culture of Spain, the carpet when introduced to your decor, elevates the aura and adds sophistication to your space. A transitional piece from the house of Obeetee embracing the elegance of both periods in the timeless hue of red, the Merida rug is one of a kind.

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  3. Kanchipuram- The Kanchipuram rug is a magnificent example of handcrafted excellence that imbues your living space with the captivating essence of India. Adorned with an elaborate saree Block Print pattern, this rug proudly displays India's opulent cultural legacy. A traditional piece that transforms your space and creates a dynamic and fervent ambiance with its striking crimson hue Seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary sophistication, the hand-knotted rug is a smooth and lustrous addition to your room. Crafted using pure silk, the Kanchipuram rug is nothing less than a tapestry.

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  4. Jask- Simple yet elegant, the Jask is a hand-knotted piece from our house in Mirzapur. Crafted for modern homeowners, this rug exudes a contemporary allure with hints of traditionalism hidden within the threads. Timeless shades of red adorn the canvas of the Jask rug, lending it sophistication in a bold way. Slight golden strokes accentuate the red canvas, adding a complement to your decor along with comfort and durability with its woolen pile.

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  5. Empress- A classic design set against a rich winter red backdrop effortlessly blends with the cozy ambiance of the seasonal home. Whether placed in your living room or on your front porch, unrolling the Empress rug creates an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this rug exemplifies true beauty, hand-knotted with premium wool and cotton fibers for exceptional durability, and capable of withstanding increased foot traffic during festive gatherings. Throughout the year, the Empress rug serves as your companion, elevating your space into a regal retreat infused with festive allure through its vibrant hues of red and traditional patterns.

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If you are looking to make a statement let your red rug do the talking. Rolling out such a rug that encapsulates both the elements of life through its color palette is a great way to create a bold focal point in your space.
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