Our best sellers in January

As the clock struck 12 on 31st December 2023, we officially entered 2024. We all ushered into the new year with high hopes, resolutions, new goals, anticipation, and a zeal to achieve what we set our eyes on. However, this thinking isn’t just limited to individuals. Businesses around the globe too entered the new year with new promises and goals. The confidence to reach higher in the market, provide better customer service, and perform better in the new year keeps them going.

 Our best sellers in January

You know what people say, ‘A great start goes a long way’, with the same confidence we at Obeetee Carpets began our new year. January 2024 came with a promise and potential, and we stayed strong. From launching a new collection with a banger event in the heart of the Nation to making plans on introducing furniture in our sales catalog, 2024 started with a push that will drive us throughout the year. Along with these chances which we turned into opportunities, our sales hit a pretty high bar. A center to our success, a few of our products were the bestsellers of the previous month.  Beyond the increasing number of sales, what gave us such success is our dedication towards our resolution which also includes providing you with ever better customer service and experience.


Let's talk in detail about our bestsellers and give you a reason to buy more.


  1. Behrouz- A blend of international-grade wool and cotton, Behrouz is a hand-tufted piece from our traditional rugs set. The rug has a contemporary color palette that induces your pace with warmth and comfort—inspired by the traditional Oushak and Khotan motifs the carpet features abstract patterns. A great addition to a decor following the approach of minimalism, this rug adds balance to it. The thick pile of the Behrouz carpet makes it durable and extra comfortable underfoot.

    Get this rug here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/behrouz-hand-tufted-woollen-rug

  2. Raona- An interesting piece from the Panache collection, the Raona rug is one of a kind. If you wish to transform your home into a sanctuary of peace, comfort, and subtlety then the Roana rug is your best friend. Dense blues, subdued reds, and other hues adorn the canvas of the hand-tufted rug crafted by skilled artisans using Sardinian wool. Durable and comfortable, the rug is the epitome of creativity that our designers possess. The motifs appear in layers, owing to the juxtaposition of Oushak and Bijar patterns.

    To explore the rug in detail, visit- https://www.obeetee.in/products/raona-hand-tufted-woollen-rug
  3. Thompson- Hand-tufted in its construction using international-grade wool fiber the Thompson is another transitional piece that shone like the sun in January. The best-seller comes with a blue canvas, complimented by heavy motifs inspired by traditional art. Multi-shaded color palette adds strength and a bold character to the rug, making it the right choice to balance out the minimalism in your space. Thompson is a budget-friendly piece that comes in multiple sizes and can also be customized per your room’s size. The wool used in its construction makes it a durable and comforting accent in your living space.

    For more information on this Hand-tufted rug, Visit- https://www.obeetee.in/products/thompson-hand-tufted-woollen-rug
  4. Sway- Another blue hues artistic piece from our collection, Sway is one of our bestsellers because of its abstract design. Featuring an all-over motif inspired by abstract art, the entire color palette of the rug includes multiple shades of blue. The dark-light combo of the shade creates a subtle contrast in your space and gives you the liberty to include various other accents in your decor. Balancing the overall visual appeal of your room, the rug is more than just a floor covering. Crafted by the hands of experienced artisans, the carpet is hand-tufted using high-quality wool fiber, making the rug durable and extra comforting.

    To seek more information about this rug or to make a purchase, visit- https://www.obeetee.in/products/sway-hand-tufted-woollen-rug
  5. Taner- Contemporary design inspired by abstract art that is in sync with European decor trends makes the Taner rug one of our best sellers. With wool in its composition, the rug is a piece crafted by the hands of experienced artisans at our house in Mirzapur. Multiple shades and shapes used on the rug canvas lend your room modern aesthetics and an artistic appeal. Durable and comfortable, the minimalist approach of the rug induces your space with sophistication and simplicity.

    Get this rug here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/taner-hand-tufted-woollen-rug

These might be our best sellers but in our eclectic collection of rugs, we have options that will mesmerize you with their magical aura. Each of our rugs is crafted using the best quality materials and comes with a high level of durability.
To purchase handmade rugs, you can visit our website https://www.obeetee.in/, or any of our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.