Rugs to brighten your room

Bathing in the warm rays of the sun, the blooming flowers, lush trees, chirping birds, and glittering butterflies welcome us as we step out of the house bidding adieu to the cold weather. As winters flew by during the holiday season, we officially entered spring. The most balanced season of all spring is a perfect transition of the year. As the sun shines through the dense fog, nature comes to life. A subtle cold breeze compliments the warmth, creating a perfect fusion of seasons we face all over the year. For the outside world, spring is a time to rejuvenate and come back to life, little do we know that it's the same, even for us. It's an opportunity to upgrade everything that you have been following for the past 6 months. From your outfit to the interior of your home, you get a chance to upgrade everything as per the nature outside.

 Rugs to brighten your room

While your dressing style can be managed easily, upgrading the interior of your home can be tricky. You can begin by shaking off those winter blues and setting to make your home look bright. Replacing everything in your decor might take a toll on your pocket, thus you can simply swap your deep-shaded woolen rug for a brighter one.  Getting one such rug is pretty easy. All you have to do is run through our website and explore the plethora of options that we have ready for you. At Obeetee Carpets, every product is crafted by the hands of experienced artisans using only the best quality materials. From floral to abstract, we have rugs for your spring home featuring multiple motifs.

Out of many, here are a few versatile options that will give you a hint about our spring collection.

  1. Flory- Just like the bright colors of nature in this season, the Flory carpet is adorned with multiple bright hues. Forming an abstract pattern reminiscent of random brush strokes painted by an artist on an empty canvas. Crafted by the hands of experienced weavers using the traditional tufting technique, the Flory rug has a blend of wool, cotton, and viscose as its composition, making it a comfortable and durable addition to your space. Even with rough usage, the rug maintains its pristine condition, ready to add life tour space and transform it with a spring zeal. From the untitled collection, the Flory carpet lends your space an artistic character.

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  2. Molly- Add a bright touch to your vintage-looking winter home this spring season with the Molly rug. A fusion of geometry and abstract art forms the contemporary multi-shaded motif on the rug’s canvas, making it a bright addition to your home. Apart from blessing your space with artistic elegance and unmatched aesthetics, the rug enhances the comfort in your room and protects your floorings. With wool, cotton, and viscose in its composition, the rug boasts of durability and traditionalism through its craftsmanship. Nothing less than a work of art, the Molly rug is a hand-tufted piece from our untitled collection, suitable to fill your home with a spring vibe.

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  3. Naunet- A design reminiscent of multiple water waves slowly touching the beach inspired by abstract art blesses your home through the durable canvas of the Naunet rug. Belonging to the untitled collection, this rug captures the unseen and unexpected elements of life, making them add life to your home. The artistic color palette includes multiple pastel shades of the contemporary world, inducing that perfect bright spring zeal into your living space. Hand-tufted using wool, cotton, and viscose, the Naunte rug enhances comfort in your space and is a long-lasting addition to your home.

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  4. Glacier- International-grade wool and cotton sourced from the most fertile fields of the country from the hand-tufted canvas of the Glacier carpet. Embedding a frame-in-frame design on its abstract shape, the carpet comes with multiple shades of blue that are reminiscent of the different layers of a glacier. These blue shades lend your room a soothing atmosphere, adding life to your space. Just like the bright skies take over after a heavy rain shower, the rug provides you with a perfect transition from winter to spring inside your home. Not less than a tapestry, use this carpet as a backdrop or a floor covering, effortlessly it will become the focal point of your space.

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  5. Opera- Earthy shades of the Opera rug enclosing the neutral void in the middle make it a versatile option for your home. Crafted using high-quality wool and cotton fiber, the rug is hand-tufted by skilled artisans of Bhadohi. The abstract shape of the rug makes it one of a kind, making it a multipurpose article. Place it on the floor or the wall, the rug will take away all the attention to the room along with inducing it with brightness and aesthetics.

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