Home Makeover: Transform Your Space with rugs inspired by Marvel Super Heroes!

There is a Marvel fan in every corner of the world, from kids to teenagers to young adults. From Steve Rogers being the FirstAvenger, to the time when the 1st time the world witnessed the thunder of Thor with his Mjolnir. From Spiderman’s enthusiasm to the mercy of the Black Panther, the super heroes of Marvel made us fall in love with them at the first glance. Each character comes with a quality and personality of its own. These characters are more than they were supposed to be. They are symbols. Symbols of power, strength, and friendship.

Transform Your Space with rugs inspired by Marvel Super Heroes

However, the craze does not stop there. Today, if you set foot in the market, there is not one thing that these characters aren’t featured in. From shoes to clothes, beddings to entire theme parks, there is a limited edition collection in every realm inspired by Marvel.

No matter how old we grow, a little child is always hidden in us. Maturity might take over us but you might be familiar with the saying. “The heart wants what it wants”. While Marvel toys look suitable to set up a creative collection corner, a Marvel-themed rug might seem more intimidating. Be it for your children’s playroom or maybe for yourself, we do know that we have got you hooked to us. Let's dwell in a few of our Marvel-inspired rugs.

  1. Captain America Shield inspiredHand Tufted Rug- Shaped rugs fit easily and add elegance to the most unexpected places. Portraying a design of the legendary shield of the FirstAvenger, Captain America, the carpet is a hand-tufted piece from our Marvel inspiredcollection. Crafted by the finest artists of Bhadohi using wool and viscose of the finest quality the rug is a suitable addition to a boys’ room. Place this rug as a backdrop on the wall by the bed or under the supplementary furniture and watch the room boast a heroic charm.

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  2. Avengers inspired Hand Tufted Rug- From Iron Man to Spider-Man, black and red have been the colors of these Marvel Super Heroes. The Avengers inspired hand-tufted rug is a fine piece portraying the Avengers logo and the text embarking on its establishment. The black base with the red design adds a dense yet contrasting look to your room. Using wool and cotton makes this rug extra soft, and comfortable yet durable. Place this rug in the playroom or the area where you wish to draw attention.

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  3. Wakanda Forever Hand Tufted Rug-
    Seeking inspiration from the Marvel super hero, the Black Panther, the carpet features an animation of the character. The white design on a black woolen base stands out and becomes the focal point of your place. Suitable for creating a contemporary home, the rug goes best in the playroom, adding a super heroaura to your kids’ area. The use of fine wool and cotton gives your little one a plush pile to play upon.

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  4. Iron Man inspiredHand Tufted Rug- The heart of the Marvel cinematic universe, Ironman, adorns the Iron Man carpet with an animation in shades of white on an all-black canvas. The design seeks inspiration from the last Ironman suit as shown in the “Endgame”.  The text adds a unique character to the rug, giving an introduction to the Avenger. An ideal addition to the playroom, the wool and cotton canvas will give your child a plush pile to play, run, and fall upon, keeping him/her safe from the cold floor during winter.

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  5. Wolverine inspired Hand Tufted Rug- Fiery reds, mellow mustards, and metallic grays form a unique color palette for the Wolverine hand-tufted rug. Crafted with wool and cotton, the rug embraces a design inspired by the Marvel’s Wolverine. The animation becomes the perfect focal point of the playroom, adding elegance, uniqueness, and creativity to the area. Place this rug by the bed or as a tapestry by the bed and watch your kids fall in love with the place.

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The rugs from the Marvel themed collection are strong and hand-tufted using the best quality material. These are just a few of our pieces, we welcome you to visit our website https://www.obeetee.in/, or any of our flagship stores to explore more of these. Get one of these rugs for yourself or your kids and heroically start the new year.