Once Upon a Rug: Creating a Fairytale Nursery with Rugs Featuring Disney Princess

Pretty dresses, unmatched beauty, brick castles, elegant makeup, and bold yet innocent attitude, yes, we are talking about the Disney Princess! For generations, these princesses have held a special place in the hearts of the audience. From Rapunzel’s long hair to Cinderella’s perfect ending, Ariel’s adventure to Jasmine’s personality, each princess with her unique quality brings a sense of wonder and magic to life.

Creating a Fairytale Nursery with Rugs Featuring Disney Princess

It's not just us who have dreamt of living with the Disney royalty, it's probably the whole world. What if we say that there is a way you could feel the Disney magic inside your own house? Unbelievable right? Well, not so much. Behold as we introduce you to our elite collection of rugs designed in collaboration with Disney to celebrate their 100th anniversary. Featuring an array of designs, we have a set of carpets featuring Disney Princess on the canvas. The magic of these characters is not just limited to the rugs, but also in the atmosphere of the room. If you have ever imagined transforming your home into a fairytale castle, you need to get one of these.

Without further ado, let’s explore a few of the rugs featuring Disney princess.

  1. Cinderella- The magnificent brushstrokes, elegant blue shades, the fine calligraphy text compliment the beauty of Cinderella portrayed in the middle of the design. Crafted using recycled polyester, the rug inspired by Cinderella is one of a kind just like the princess herself. Just like the sparkling eyes of the princess, the carpet induces grace in the playroom, lending it a royal charm. Hand-tufted with precision, the carpet boasts elegance and beauty.

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  2. Missmagic- Featuring the magical Disney Princess Jasmine standing in front of a beautiful palace, Missmagic is an artistic piece from the Disney collection by Obeetee. Crafted to induce royalty and grace into your little one’s space, the carpet adds vibrancy to the atmosphere with its subtle pastel shades complimented by gold and blue. Tufted with recycled polyester, the carpet comes with a thick pile to give your children protection against the hard floor. Turn the playroom into a wonderland with the Missmagic rug.

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  3. Rapunzel- This is a hand-tufted rug, crafted using recycled polyester by our artisans. Portraying the long-haired Disney Princess by her castle in multiple hues, the carpet adds vibrancy yet lends your space a subtle aura. Stimulating the mental and visual growth of your children with such a color palette, the carpet enhances the playful charm of the playroom, along with lending it grace and elegance. Turn your children’s space into a sanctuary of royalty and fun with the Rapunzel rug.

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  4. Queenmary- A justice to the word ‘beautiful’, the Queenmary carpet features a group animation of Disney royalty in multiple hues. Hand-crafted using recycled polyester, the rug is an elegant masterpiece from the Disney collection curated to induce a whimsical charm in the playroom. The neutral shaded canvas blends in any space effortlessly, making the princesses shine like royal crowns.
    Add a queen-like personality to your little girl’s space with the Queenmary rug.

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  5. Ariel- The underwater mermaid princess, Disney’s Ariel art adorns the hand-tufted canvas of this carpet. Crafted using recycled polyester, the rug gives your child a plush pile to fall upon, protecting her against the hard floor. Sustainable, durable yet beautiful, the blue-hued base balances the notorious vibe of the playroom with its soothing aura and highlights the princess to elevate the charm of the place.

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  6. Jasmine- Holding Alladin’s magic lamp, the Disney Princess Jasmine’s art stands elegantly in the middle of the rug with a royal castle in the background. Pastel shades of the canvas compliment Jasmine and help her induce elegance into the space. The hand-tufted base with recycled polyester in its composition enhances the comfort of the playroom and gives your little one a plush pile to have fun upon.

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In the fine tapestry of childhood, the rugs portraying Disney Princess transform your space into a fairyland. As your little ones take their 1st step, the beauty will fascinate them, and the vibrant colors will stimulate their mental growth. With Cinderella's elegance, Ariel’s adventure, Jasmine’s charm, and Rapunzel’s long hair, the playroom will turn into a sanctuary of beauty and fascination. These are just a few options from the collection, we have a lot more from Disney. To explore more, read other blogs uploaded on the website or visit any of our flagship stores.