A Journey Through the Magical World Of Disney: Rug Designs inspired from Various Disney Stories

None of you would forget recalling that at least once in your childhood, you dreamt of having the Disney characters living with you. The adults of today, the children of tomorrow, no one would forget experiencing the courage of the Lion King, the fun at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Goofy’s banter, Aladdin’s magic, and the charm of the Disney royalty. Oh boy, don’t these bring some memories back.

A Journey Through Disney Rug Designs from Various Disney Series FEEDBACK

Picture this, your favorite Disney characters coming to life in your space beneath your foot, transforming your space into a wonderland. In the magical realm of imagination where there are no bounds, we at Obeetee Carpets are set to introduce you to a collection of carpets tufted with precision, in collaboration with Disney. Embarking on the 100th anniversary of one of the biggest conglomerates in the world, and probably the one that has been with you in your journey from your childhood to your children’s.

Age is just a number when it comes to imagination, Laughter is more than an emotion and dreams, well they can exist forever. This above statement somewhat gives Disney a character itself, that it is more than a brand. It is a companion transcending through generations, binding people with joy and imagination. As you delve into this collection, you’ll find yourselves on a nostalgic journey riding on a carpet as magnificent as Aladdin’s magic carpet.

  1. Lion King- Hand-tufted using wool and recycled polyester, the carpet inspired by The Lion King features a design of Simba and his friends traveling across the jungle. On the carpet is written our childhood anthem, Hakuna Matata, as a reminder for you to keep on living a worry-free life just like your childhood. The natural shade of the forest adorns the carpet canvas with the designs standing out in white. Inspired by the iconic Disney Movie, The Lion King, the carpet is an ideal addition in the playroom to create a sanctuary of fun and also provide the kids a plush pile to fall upon. The rug is also available in a shade of yellow.

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  2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - The excitement and fun of the television screen will now be in the playroom with the hand-tufted rug featuring Mickey & Friends from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Adorned with an abstract yet symmetrical representation of the characters inspired by the Disney characters. With pastel shades in the background, the characters stand out, adding vibrant6 character and enthusiasm in the playroom. Crafted using wool and cotton, this durable piece provides your kids with comfort and protection against the hard floor. The multiple shades of the rug help stimulate the mental and visual growth of your children as well.

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  3. Goofy- Just like your little one’s nature, induce a notorious character, and fill the aura of the playroom with a jolly vibe only with our Goofy rug from our Disney collection. Crafted in monochromatic shades using the hand-tufting technique, the rug is woven using durable wool fiber. Along with lending comfort in the space, the carpet canvas features the Disney character, Goofy, designed by seeking inspiration from the world of Disney. Embarking the 100 years of Disney, the text ‘Disney 100’ can be seen at the bottom, making the piece a limited edition addition to your home.

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  4. Winnie The Pooh- Recycled polyester and wool in the composition makes the carpet featuring Winnie The Pooh a durable addition to the playroom. The circular rug is as round as the inspiration for the carpet’s design. With Winnie the Pooh, enhance the innocence and vibrancy in your children’s space. Adorned in light shades, the Pooh carpet will be a friend in the playroom.

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  5. Donald Duck- The Disney character Donald Duck, from Mickey’s Clubhouse, shines like a pop star on the wool and cotton canvas of the carpet. From ourDisney collection, this carpet is adorned in soothing shades of blue with Donald Duck by the mic. Place the rug in the nursery or the playroom and lend your child’s space vibrancy and an upbeat aura. The hand-tufted canvas gives your child a plush pile to walk upon and protects him/her from falling directly on the hard floors.

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Each rug from this collection is a piece that seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with childhood memories and creations of the modern world. The collection is a portal to the world of magic and imagination that the entire world holds dear. Crafted with precision, the carpets are more than floor coverings for your place. Out of many, these are just a few of our creations under this collaboration. To explore more, visit any of your flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata or visit our website- https://www.obeetee.in/