What makes a Handcrafted Rug

In the contemporary world today, everything is being taken over by machines. From manufacturing textiles to food, metals to finished products, even the smallest of things are done by either robots or a semi-automatic apparatus. The secondary sector even has a man-free process when it comes to running a quality check of the finished products. In this world of evolution, we at Obeetee Carpets hold the torch of traditionalism high and believe in the power of handmade goods.

 What makes a Handcrafted Rug

Handmade, indeed a centuries-old technique of crafting everything in the world is slowly wearing off from the world as new technologies are making man’s world easier. It is in this era that we, at our manufacturing units spread across northern parts of India, have more than 1000 artisan families working for us, to craft carpets by hand for the world and keep the tradition of handmade alive.

A carpet is more than just a floor covering, it is the base of any decor that binds the interior of a home together and lends it a unique character. We accept that handmade carpets are expensive, thus, we understand your feeling of making sure that you get a product of the top-most quality and free from any damages and harmful substances. With every sale we make, we also make sure to deliver you a product of pure quality. You might wonder, what quality check does handmade carpet go through? Well, try not to react, but the quality check of a carpet can be as complex as a food-grade item. From dying the very first thread to the final kno, the very loom where the carpet is woven to the final packaging, everything goes through a thorough inspection before the carpet is delivered to your place.

  1. The weaving process- After you give us an order, on that basis, make sure to inspect the specific category of the loom. From checking its working condition to fixing anything that might affect the creation of the carpet, we do it all. Next comes the process of the loom. In case you’ve ordered a kilim rug, the handloom with 2 of its parts is checked thoroughly. After the approval, the yarns are loaded into the loom and your carpet is then woven by a professional equipped with the necessary knowledge of operating the loom. For a hand-knotted carpet, we make sure to send the dyed yarn to the house of the weaver, where the rug is crafted over months, with the affection and hard work of the weaver.
  2. The knot count- The knot count per square meter is a crucial aspect of determining the quality of the carpet along with its durability. The higher the knot count, the more time, labor, and effort it will take to craft the rug. During the quality check, we make sure to check the knot count of your carpet. During the finishing, we wash the carpet with recycled water multiple times to make the fibers free of dirt and the canvas free from the extra yarns shed during its crafting. The carpet then goes to an extra round where the finishing touches are made and sent to the packaging area.
  3. The rug foundation- The thickness of the pile determines the durability of the carpet. It also makes sure that the carpet does not slip away when stepped upon. The backing is a part of the finishing. For a tufted and a knotted carpet, a mix of 2 chemicals forms the base. The paste is applied onto the base of the carpet and allowed to dry for a while. During this process, our quality controllers stay beside the artisans to make sure the chemicals are handled properly and the ratio is proportionate. 
  4. The carpet color- When checking the carpet thoroughly, we go the extra mile to make sure the color and smoothness of the carpet. From the very 1st knot to the last one, we check every fiber woven for its color quality. For dying we use natural materials. For the working of the machines, we generate energy from rice husks and avoid using coal.

Apart from various checks at every process, we have a team of experts who thoroughly check every finished carpet before being dispatched. In addition to this, our entire facility is equipped with the latest technology for energy needs. Every process of ours, from the water usage to the fibers we use, everything is certified by various necessary institutions around the world.

At Obeetee Carpets, we make sure that each product crafted at our house serves as a testament to the fine quality we have been providing for the last decade. Each of our products goes through a screening process before being dispatched to you, just to make sure that you bless your house with the best.

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