Summer Soiree

Starting from May till the time we enter the rains in the later July, it is the best season of the year. Happy summers! Hidden in the scorching heat lies a beautiful heavenly sight. A sight of family get-togethers on vacations, a sight of green trees, a sight of flowers blooming, a sight of life rejuvenating, and the sight of tasty ice-cream parlors. Summers are much more than a season for us Indians. It is the time of the year when we seek solace in chilly, tasty mango treats like Aamras and mango shakes. Tangy frozen Jamuns and an icy drink chilling down our bodies after every evening playtime become our best friends.

Summer Soiree

Especially in the summer of 2024, the extreme temperatures, global warming, and pollution are encouraging us to seek refuge indoors. If we are going to be indoors this season, let's do it with comfort and style. We at Obeetee Carpets have recently come up with a collection-Summer Soiree. Encapsulating the tastes and the shades of summer, the collection features the vibrancy of the season. Durable, comfortable, and with an enigmatic visual appeal, each rug, along with its design and colour palette, is like a tribute to every element of the summertime. Reminiscent of the soothing cold showers, comforting air-conditioned room, and the plush feeling of the clouds, the summer soiree collection will induce comfort, visual appeal, and a captivating aura in your summer home.

Below are a few rugs from the collection-

  1. The Rec Rug- Sunshine yellow, soothing whites of the clouds, and dense shade of the night, the Rec rug embraces the shades of summer on its durable, hand-tufted canvas. Crafted using international grade wool, viscose, recycled polyester, and cotton to add sheen, lustre, and colour and that wonderfully plush sink-in feeling to your floor. The construction includes the loop-pile tufting technique, making the carpet extra padded and adding enhanced comfort to the underfoot. The vibe of shades on the canvas induces a summer shade and taste of the Mango in your space and lives the space up. The carpet is available in multiple sizes.

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  2. The Glacier Carpet- The soothing splash of water after jumping inside a swimming pool on a hot summer day will now be comforting your home through the Glacier carpet from our summer soiree collection. Multiple shades of blue in an abstract style and shape lend your space a calming yet breezy charm. The abstract pattern and shape make the rug a unique yet valuable addition to contemporary homes. Hand-tufted using high-quality wool and cotton, the rug’s odd shape makes it suitable for use as a tapestry. Comfortable underfoot and beautiful to look at, the carpet is the perfect addition to your summer home.

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  3. Pamella Handloom Printed Rug- Embracing the blooming flowers and the lush greenery of the trees, the Pamella rug embraces a captivating design on its durable canvas. Crafted using the traditional hand-loom technique, the carpet, in its construction, is a fine blend of recycled polyester. The design is printed on exquisite canvas and enhances the appeal of your space. The colour palette boasts of the shades of summer and lends your space a natural vibe. The cool walks that you experience in the parks on summer mornings will be replicated in your home with the Pamella rug.

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  4. Hotdog Rug- Earthy shades of summer with other vibrant hues form the colour palette of the Hotdog rug. The abstract pattern is a formation of a funky yet sophisticated design of multiple hotdogs stacked on top of one another. The shape of the carpet is also uneven, making it a unique addition to your space. The carpets pour a zeal of visual appeal into the space, elevating the creativity in your summer home. Fine quality wool is used to hand-tuf this canvas, which makes sure the carpet is durable and exudes comfort in your home.

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Bring in the comfort of the mango treats, tangy and vibrant jamun fruit, citrus and refreshing nature of the lemonade inside your homes only with our summer soiree collection. Titled as the “coolest collection of the season”, every rug in the set is a one-of-a-kind piece that encapsulates the essence of the summer and brings it to the canvas of your home. While these are just a few rugs, there are many options listed on our website under the collection name. Suppose you wish to purchase handmade rugs online and are looking for hand-tufted and hand-knotted options. In that case, you can visit our website or any of our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur and Bengaluru.