Summer colors you need for your home

The summer of 2024 has been a tough season for the entire world. In North India, extreme temperatures have forced people to stay indoors, while Northern lights were spotted in the USA. Dubai faced its 1st flood in years and heavy rainfall has taken over the national capital and the North-eastern states. However, the month of June has come to an end, and so has the season of the sun (almost). The changing season is like a snooze button for all of us to incorporate the shades of summer into our homes one last time. It’s not just us but everyone has missed the vibrant sunny yellows, cool water blues, and the lush trees. Many ice cream parlors have stayed empty just because people were busy seeking solace in the comfort of their homes. Though global warming restricted the world from enjoying this summer, we at Obeetee Carpets have something for you.

Summer colors carpets you need for your home

The summer season is the time of the year when everyone is often joyful and pleasant. This happens because of the vibrant hues of nature. We all know that colors have the power to evoke emotions. These emotions further have the power to affect decisions and influence our moods. For eg- The blue hue of water has a soothing effect on our mind, while the yellow rays of the sun rejuvenate us and associate with happiness and optimism. With July almost beginning, the monsoons will soon take over, however, by incorporating these colors in your space, you can keep the summer charm intact and enjoy the warmth of the season for a longer period.  Our latest collection-Summer Soiree is titled to be the coolest collection of the season. Whether you are missing the lively streets outside, the calm and composed cold water by the beach, or the vibrancy of the afternoon sun, our set of carpets has a variety of shades and designs, encapsulating the essence of summer.


Cool Colors and Patterns

To embrace the summer vibes in your home, choosing light yet vibrant shades is a good option. Reflecting the sunlight, rather than absorbing the heat, bright hues keep the room temperature maintained. Patterns also play a vital role in carpets. Opting for floral, stripes and subtle geometrics creates a visual sense of comfort. They enhance the appeal of the area effectively and efficiently. 

Seasonal Transition

What is hygroscopic fiber? It can absorb humidity from the environment. E.g.- Wool! Usually known as a “winter material”, it helps keep the space cool in summer. Materials play an important role in the selection of your carpets and wool with its insulating properties proves to be a precise option.

Balance with the Furniture

The usual furniture in homes is seen to be shades of brown and neutral colors. Carpets provide us with an opportunity to add a fun and eccentric character to our homes. Summer shades like blue, yellow, and red create a beautiful contrast with neutral colors. These characterize and balance the living space.

Through the Summer Soiree collection, we at Obeetee Carpets offer you a medium to not only match the season outside but also encapsulate the shades of summer and bring them inside your space. 

  1. Our Ombre Hand Tufted Woollen Rug allows you to enhance your home with a gripping palette of three colors blending in a dark-light pattern. The three colors harmonized together characterize a beachy vibe on the carpet. The vibrancy uplifts the visual appeal of the space, transforming it into a summer sanctuary. A handmade and sustainable piece of artwork, bringing in sophistication with a combination of wool and cotton, the carpet is a durable and comfortable piece perfect for a zen and summery feel.
  1. The Mariyam Hand Tufted Woollen Rug is an abstract piece from the collection. With minimalistic features and contrasting neutral shades, it lends subtlety to your space. The handmade woolen and cotton construction makes the canvas of this rug durable yet comforting. The striped textures in the design add an impactful character to your home. The chromatic contrast brought onto the carpet enhances the aesthetics in your living space. The carpet is a suitable addition to modern homes because of its unique shape.
  1. Another piece crafted by our highly skilled weavers is the Brodieb Hand Tufted Wool Rug. Embracing the floral pattern with a palette of multicolored tints invites enhancement to a dull room with sophistication. The versatility of this piece adds life to your home, both inside and outdoors. A sustainable piece crafted with immense care by our weavers, it is a one-of-a-kind piece from our collection.

The right rug can do wonders in your space. With our summer soiree collection, lend your home the summer vibe before the monsoons officially take over. While these are just three of our rugs explained, a variety of handmade creativity is available at Obeetee Carpets suitable for every corner of your home.  To explore more options, visit our platform or our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Jaipur.