Dhurries in Small Spaces: Maximizing Style in Cozy Areas

“A small step goes a long way”, and “Every drop makes the Ocean”. All of you might have heard these sayings at least once in your lives. Well, truth be told, this is true. Individually, small steps seem negligible but when these come together as a whole, major impacts can be seen around the world. All the environmental movements were initiated by an individual, and today, laws to protect the environment can be seen in the constitutional books. Imagine taking a centimeter of the space owned by everyone across the globe. At 1st, it might seem like what would a cm do? But when you have 795.09 million cm of space, equating to 8558277.533222 sq feet. With this space, you will end up owning the biggest estate on earth.

Dhurries in Small Spaces

Now that we have established the importance of small spaces, let's talk about the white spaces that are often ignored inside homes. The interior decor is a trend that has only evolved through time. Rugs and dhurries have been the building blocks of this realm. With their unique charm and character, they have the power to elevate every space. While big-sized rugs cover most of the space, there are always a few areas left. Technically these white spaces balance out the whole arrangement of the space aesthetically, they break the continuity of the area. Although you can get even a bigger rug to cover the entire space, that would make the space monotonous. Dhurries are a good option for these spaces.

Dhurries are flat-weave rugs made using breathable materials like jute and cotton. Originating in our very own country, dhurries are also known as kilims. Along with being lightweight and easy to store, these flatweave accents can feature any design and color palette. Initially, dhurries were used for bedding, packaging, or furnishing based on their size and material. As the season passed, people not only realized the true potential of this accent but also the economic benefit.  Smaller spaces in any home are often customized with one accent or the other, thus, the decor accessory must be lightweight and flexible. Dhurries are a versatile category of rugs. They blend in with the ground effortlessly and create a delusional effect of being yet not being there. Below are a few dhurries that might be suitable for your small spaces.


  1. Bhumi Hand Woven Dhurrie- The beige shade of the Bhumi dhurrie makes it suitable for homes following the theme of minimalism. Light in shade, the rug balances the rough terrain of the space caused by the furniture and makes the entire place look simple. Placing this dhurrie in a small, white space in your home, you will be breaking the monotony of the entire visual appeal, intriguing the viewer to have a better look at his accent. Handwoven in construction using pure jute fiber, making it breathable and durable. The rug can be customized as per your preferences in terms of size.

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  2. Roshanak Hand Woven Dhurrie- The contemporary geometric pattern on the wool canvas of the Roshanak dhurrie comes with a multi-shaded color palette. The subtle shades of brown make the dhurrie blend in effortlessly with the space’s furniture. Handwoven by experienced artisans of Obeetee, the decorative accent comes with a flatweave. The dark-light hues lend the Dhurrie soft and subtle visual appeal. Placing this rug in the small spaces of your home will elevate the charm of the atmosphere. This rug can also be used in layering.

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  3. Varu Hand Woven Dhurrie- Beige shades of natural jute fiber with a white wool all-over design on the canvas of the Varu Dhurrie make it a versatile addition to your home. The light shades allow it to be used while layering or covering up certain white spaces in your home, elevating the minimalist charm of your home. Made using natural materials, the rug is breathable because of its flatweave and comes with high durability.

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  4. Anant hand woven Dhurrie- Dark hues highlighting the light hues self-design on the dhurrie make it a suitable addition to your minimal-themed decor. Anant Dhurrie is a handwoven piece from our collection crafted by the generational artisans of Obeetee. Small spaces in your homes often require some accent to break the continuity, making the area intriguing visually. The simplicity of this rug makes it blend effortlessly in any interior.

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  5. Pueblo handwoven Kilim- Encapsulating the Moroccan culture in its design, Pueblo is a durable and sustainable kilim from our collection. Comes with a multi-shaded color palette, and the canvas is divided into parts featuring traditional patterns, visually making the dhurrie appealing. Earthy shades give the kilim a versatile nature as it blends in effortlessly with the furniture. Durable and comfortable, get this kilim for the white spaces in your home.

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