Choosing the right furniture for your office

You just cracked the interview for a big Multinational company. You are excited to join the creative department of the said MNC. You dress your best to make an impression on your 1st day, expecting the same from your workspace, i.e., a warm and vibrant welcome. After reaching your newly assigned desk, little do you know that your office's only ‘creative thing’ is your job title, “Creative head.” You notice that this department, which is supposed to be creative, has a dull visual appeal. Mundane office chairs, simple plain walls, tiny cubicles, and no vibrancy.  To work in a particular department, an environment must be created around the workspace. Now imagine the same situation all over again, but this time, you are welcomed by a welcoming workplace that exudes comfort, creativity, and vibrancy. There are no old-school cubicles, just a beautiful and subtle round table where the entire team sits together, brainstorming and ideating new stuff. The workspace has creative wall art, artistic quotes, comfortable chairs, a vibrant handmade rug, and other supplementing furniture accents like side tables and chairs. It seems to be accurate, right? Well, this is the magical impact of choosing the right furniture in the office.

furniture for your office

Unlike in the past, the contemporary world is more about caring for humans as a resource, customer, supplier, buyer, etc. Businesses and offices worldwide have started to pay more attention to employee satisfaction. They are keen to provide a comfortable and healthy work environment not only to improve their productivity but also for their well-being. An office is a formal environment, whether a creative agency or corporate workspace. There are only a few things you can change, upgrade, or make look ‘less formal.’ While not all offices need to be customized, specific departments, furniture, reception, and breakroom elements can be worked upon.

Being in the rug-making business for more than a century now, we at Obeetee Carpets have expanded our horizons to get into the realm of decor full-fledged. A while ago, we launched multiple collections of cushions, and recently, we introduced a set of furniture accents in the market. Adding some of our pieces to your office will lend a modern, chic, and aesthetic touch to your space and enhance productivity and employee well-being. Our furniture is designed to be comfortable, durable, and functional, making it perfect for office environments. From leave seats to benches, chairs to chests of drawers, and various other small accents, everything is crafted using high-quality Acacia wood, Mango wood, robust iron, fine cloth furnishings, plush cushioning, and highlighted with all-natural polish. A few pieces from our collection suitable for office spaces are listed below-

  1. Resse Accent chair- Subtle cream shades, plush cushions, and a sober, comforting experience are how we describe our Resse accent chair. Designed using a contemporary approach but with traditional hand-making techniques, the chair is a one-of-a-kind piece. Complementing its sophisticated look, its robust iron stands are painted in gold, further enhanced with natural polish, giving it a bright and vibrant appeal. The chair(s) can be placed in the cafeteria or the canteen or a generic seating place in the office. Complementing it with a rug and a few other accents, the area will look like a small living space. This will allow the employees to feel homely and comfortable during their mini-breaks.
  2. Lois Three Door Sideboard- Every office needs storage shelves and boxes. Why not get spacious universal-storing furniture with a sassy yet sophisticated visual appeal that can also be used as a table to keep more stuff or decorative accents? Allow us to introduce you to our Lois Three-Door Sideboard. Crafted using high-quality acacia wood, the furniture accent has three spacious cabinets and attractive door handles. Mellow earthy shades of Beige with vintage highlights and subtle gold handles of this accent piece enhance the charm and balance the formality in the space. This furniture accent can be placed in common departmental areas or individual offices.
  3. Sage Lounge Loveseat- The dark olive shade of the textured cloth enclosing the plush cushion seating lends the Sage Lounge Loveseat a charismatic look. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, the furniture accent is made using acacia wood for high durability and extra comfort. Below the bulky seating are robust iron stands, polished in black to camouflage and create a floating illusion. The unique color of the accent makes it a versatile addition to any space. Placing one such piece in the waiting or reception area will indicate the workspace’s versatility, creativity, and sophistication.
  4. Dora Hand Woven Stool- Just a Gen-Z approach, but there should be a ‘chill out zone’ in every workspace. Most of us spend almost half of our day in the office. Thus, a small seating arrangement, perhaps on the ground or multiple stools surrounding a coffee table, would be more calming and inviting. Dora Hand Woven Stool can be used to create such seating. With a handwoven accent, the stool uses high-quality acacia wood with a hand-knotted paper cord over the frame to create a seat. Pair it with the right rug and other decor accents and elevate the employees' morale by creating a space for them.
Creativity has no boundaries. While these are a few accents that might go in office spaces, our collection has many other options waiting to be used in multiple artistic ways. Our furniture is designed to be versatile, allowing you to create a unique and personalized office space. For more information, visit the furniture section of our e-commerce platform, or any of our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.