Famous Fictional Homes: What Rugs Would They Have?

Science fiction, mystical analogies, and alternative realities have been booming as a trend in the cinematic world. Characters like Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man, etc, are intriguing and have captivating personalities. Though these are fictional, their fascinating aura just hooks us to them. In interviews and on social media, actors often answer questions about their characters, giving us deeper insights into those personalities.

Famous Fictional Homes What Rugs Would They Have

At Obeetee Carpets, we're not just rug makers—we're rug enthusiasts. Our passion for rugs is evident in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. When someone walks into our store or when we watch a movie, we instantly start thinking about the unique carpet they'd choose from our collection.

Carpets are like storytellers. Their designs, the weave, and the color palette of the canvas reveal a lot about the owner’s personality. Timeless in nature, carpets from the past tell us a lot about the world’s history. It was the canvas of the carpets on which the weavers poured their hearts out. In museums, we often adorn carpets featuring scenes of great wars, king-common man relationships, and other tales of the old world. Think of Akbar, the great Mughal ruler, who brought Persian artists to his court. His love for intricate, classical designs reflected his appreciation for traditional beauty.

Our carpet collection is vast, covering all categories in color, make, material, and design. Let us delve into the captivating world of fictional characters and their potential rug choices, showcasing the unique connection between their personalities and our rugs.

  1. Sherlock Holmes- Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who also portrays Dr. Strange in the MCU, Sherlock Holmes is a Detective. By nature, detectives are observant, serious, mysterious, and intellectual. While he has all these qualities, Sherlock Holmes is a sociopath. With multiple things running in his mind all the time, he has a ‘mind palace’ where he stores all the information and can access it with a thorough concentration on anything that happened even months ago. Always observant, he has a keen eye for detail.  Residing in England as a tenant in a 1 bedroom apartment with a classic English interior. Since his house has a transitional appeal and he is from the Millennial era, a multicultural piece or something traditional would be his pick. Perhaps something with a traditional pattern but a modern color palette, like the Roma Hand Knotted Woollen And Viscose Rug from our collection. Embracing a traditional pattern on a handmade canvas, the rug would be an ideal addition to his space. Though he hosts minimal guests, the rug is durable and well-suited for him. The color palette not only makes it unique but versatile to blend in with his space effortlessly. The rug also resembles his dark and isolated personality since he is always dressed in dusk shades.
  1. Harry Potter- Harry Potter is a mythical character that originally emerged via the writings of JK Rowling and was turned into a movie. Harry was 1st introduced as a young, confused boy living with his aunt and uncle because of his parent’s death. As he reached Hogwarts, he started to explore himself. Judging by the character and its growth, along with the look and feel of his bed in the dorms, he seemed like a typical British kid interested in classics and liking modernity. His personality seemed like he would go for a rug with futuristic abstract art and a magical visual appeal. The Flory Hand Tufted Woollen And Viscose Rug from our collection, with its unique blend of classic and modern design, would be a perfect fit for his evolving
  1. Iron Man- 'Genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist’- is how the most favorite MCU character, Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, defines himself. While a few people might find it offensive, he was and will always be all those things. Born with a silver spoon, yet he stood up on his own, with just a bunch of useless materials, he built the 1st Iron Man suit. Modern, futuristic, and sophisticated, Tony was all about class. His straightforward personality was highlighted by his bungalow in the Cliff of Malibu. He is always interested in building things, and he would be interested in the Shripal Munshi collection from our house. Inspired by the architectural wonders of the world, Shripal Munshi designed a set of rugs in collaboration with us. Each of these rugs portrays an architectural reference and has brought to life the un-noticed elements of nature.

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