Eco-friendly dhurries for a sustainable home

Sustainability and growth go hand in hand. The more a country moves towards development, the more sustainable it should become. Sustainability, the need of the hour, is defined as using the resources we sensibly have today to preserve enough for future generations. The irregularities in the world climate today are caused by the unsustainable world. The population’s negligence towards overusing fossil fuels has led to global warming and significant climate changes. Everyone might have witnessed the news of the Tsunami in Dubai, unexpected earthquakes in certain cities, unexpected visibility of the Nothern lights in the United States, and four different seasons in India all at once. From an individual point of view, a family, a group, or a business, everyone needs to play their part towards sustainability.

Eco-friendly dhurries for a sustainable home

Many manufacturing units in the secondary sector have started to adopt sustainable manufacturing steps. These steps include proper dumping of waste, recycling the used water, and using sustainable raw materials that are naturally grown. On the other hand, individual households have started to shift to using these sustainably manufactured products to do their part. We at Obeetee Carpets have been in the market for the past century. With keen attention towards sustainability, we keep updating our environment-friendly manufacturing initiatives with time.

Many homes these days are being identified as ‘sustaibale homes’. Everything in these homes, from food to clothing and decor, is sustainable or crafted using eco-friendly materials and techniques. While it is challenging to afford sustainable home decor in this mass-produced world, you can always go for Dhurries. Originating in the Indian sub-continent centuries ago, Dhurriues are like rugs with a thin pile, a flatweave. Crafted by the hands of artisans using natural fibers, Dhurries are breathable, lightweight, and sustainable. Manufactured sustainably, easy to store, and affordable, these are much more than floor coverings. Many homeowners would like to place multiple rugs in their space but resist doing so because of budget constraints; choosing Dhurries won’t just be sustainable but light on their pockets and enhance the visual appeal of the space.

Since we are on the topic of Dhurries, suggest a few Dhurries from our collection that would look good in your sustainable home. 

  1. Sky-Blue Flatweave- Dhurries have the ability to slay every design on their flat-weave canvas. Like the Sky-Blue wool rug from our collection, it features a symmetrical striped pattern in vibrant blue sky with white smokey cotton clouds. Perfect for the living spaces, the shade adds a soothing aura to the atmosphere of the space. Crafted by experienced artisans residing at our house in Mirzapur, the Dhurrie is made using traditional flat-weaving techniques and the most superior quality wool. Durable and comfortable, this piece can also be used as a tapestry in your place.

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  2. Sanjaya rug- The semi-mendelian structures inspired by the Stone Age cave paintings, the Sanjaya dhurrie is a traditional piece for your home. On the contrary, the dhurrie exudes a transitional vibe in your space due to its contemporary color plate of the sky shade. Crafted using international grade wool, the Sanjaya Dhurrie has a bold zig-zag border designed using the traditional flat-weave technique. Place this rug in your living space or a white space in your home and watch it work magic.

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  3. Fusion Dhurrie- 2 natural fibres, namely wool and jute come together to form the flat-weave yet durable structure of the Fusion Dhurrie. The semi-traditional and contemporary structure form a beautiful design in an earthy-muktishaded coor palette. Breathable, thin yet comfortable, the dhurrie is durable and adds a vintage character to your modern homes.

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  4. Self Textured- Fine quality wool and jute combine to form the durable yet a breathable base of the Self-textured dhurrie. Ivory shades mixed with whites give this flat-weave rug an elegant self-patterened look, suitable for a vintage home. The calm and composed look of the rug adds an aesthetic charm and character to the space. The rug is available in multiple sizes and can be customised as per your requirements.

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  5. Cave- The cave handmade jute dhurrie is oneof a kind piece from our collection. Crafted by experienced artisans using the flat-weave weaving technique. Bretahebale, durable and versatile, the rug comes with various advantages, ideally making it suitable for a summer home. The earthy color palette of the rug lends it a timeless charm, inducing the same in your place.

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Adding dhurries in your space would not only allow you add a sustainable decor accent in your space but a versatile piece that would blend in effrtlessly with any decor style. For more information about handmade rugs visit our e-commerce platform, the blog section on our website, or any of our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore and Jaipur.