Creating a Summer Reading Nook: Cushions and Lumbar Supports for Ultimate Comfort

Every activity needs a specific place of its own. The look and feel, the vibe, the seating arrangement (if any), and other necessary elements that just send you into the zone. Imagine going to a movie theatre but the place is lit up like a Christmas home or a game arena that is labeled to be as ‘silent zone” or a library with a “speaking allowed policy?” Yes, just by writing about it overwhelms us. People with a keen interest in any specific realm, be it gaming designing or anything else, make sure to have the right vibe set before they begin with their work. One such example is the people who read. Readers are very adamant when it comes to picking a place to read. An avid reader has a mindset of diving into books and reading for long hours. Thus, they make sure that nothing disturbs them. Every reader has his reading nooks. Having a backup always helps and readers are always prepared.

Creating a Summer Reading Nook Cushions and Lumbar Supports for Ultimate Comfort

A reading nook is a place where one just sits comfortably, undisturbed from everything in the world, and reads. It's a happy place for a reader. A reading nook is often in a place of total isolation, the corner of the room, a place that is visited not that frequently in homes, unexpected places like the storage unit in the backyard, etc. While these places may sound odd, readers make sure these are comfortable, well-maintained, and have just the right look and feel to set the vibe. A fact, since reading nooks are isolated and do not have much space to fix in big furniture accents, cushions often solve the purpose. Sitting in the living room sounds more comfortable but imagine a corner where you could get unlimited ‘me time’ and sit undisturbed for hours, lost in the love story of “Elenor and Park” or solving who/what burned the burning train in a space full of cushions, providing you comport and relaxation in every angle you sit.

We at Obeetee Carpets have expanded our wings into the world of decor, from carpets, we have entered the furniture and cushion-making industry. In our collection of cushions, you will find a plethora of options. From color variants to design, construction to embroidery, we have a cushion for every space. To create a reading nook in the summer season you can explore cushions from our Lumbar collection. Versatile, elegant, aesthetic, and durable in construction and comfort, the Lumbar collection not only blends in with every decor theme effortlessly but accentuates the vibe of the space.


  1. The bedroom corner- The summer season is all about seeking solace in a place with good air conditioning and eating your favorite ice cream while paying attention to your hobby. While the comfiest place in the bedroom is the bed, setting up a fort in the room’s corner and creating a reading nook are great options. Everyone who will enter the room will be expecting you on the bed but when they find you long lost in your reading while sitting in a beautiful corner, this will not only surprise them but adorn the entire scene and leave you undisturbed. You can set up a fort just like in childhood and place multiple cushions from our Lumbar collection, one for the seating, one for back support, and various others to make the place more appealing and comfortable.
  2. The isolation booth- Pick a cool shaded corner in your place that no one frequently visits, maybe the storage unit in the backyard or the guestroom. Create a similar setting to the fort in the bedroom, and throw in multiple cushions along with some decor accents and a few posters about reading, a speaker with soft classical music playing in the background. You will have more liberty in this place because of the extra space available and the lesser foot traffic.

Opulence Embroidered Chambray Lumbar Cushion, Monaco Strype Handloom Cotton Cushion, Fresca Digital Printed Handloom Cotton Cushion, Bohobloom Cotton Linen Machine Embroidered Lumbar Cushion, and Blossom Digital Print With Kantha Embroidery Lumbar Cushion are few of the options from our Lumbar collection which would suit best while setting up a reading nook. The vibrant shades of these cushions resemble the vibrancy of the season and will blend in with any decor style. Each of these cushions along with the entire collection is made using the best quality of raw materials sourced from highly fertile fields in the industry. The hand embroidery, printing, and other designer elements on these cushions are not only authentic but done via traditional techniques to keep the magic of handwork alive.

These were just our ideas about creating the perfect summer reading nook, you can always tap into the creative side of your brain and come up with your options. For more information about our handmade cushions, you can visit any of our stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Jaipur or the cushion section on our e-commerce platform