Rugs to Take for Your Picnics

January is almost coming to an end as suggested by the cold waves that we have all been experiencing. Regardless, the pleasant rays of the winter sun are no longer shying away from conferring us with their comforting presence. Such a delightful weather, makes us feel like it is the perfect time to just get out and embrace the nature. And what better than bringing your loved ones along and spending the much needed quality time in today’s busy world.

Rugs to take for your picnics

If you wish to create such beautiful memories with your friends and family, it’s the perfect time to do so. There’s no denying in the fact that picnics are fun, most importantly because you can just take your party outdoors. Additionally, to make it a long weekend plan, you can even hit the road and explore several different spots in the pristine lap of nature. It is fun to be spontaneous with all things fun, however, a little bit of effort and planning does not hurt anyone. Now that we have stirred all these amazing picnic vibes in your head, we are sure the picnic spirit is getting to you. So wait no more, and grab that snack bag and a beautiful rug to place in your favourite picnic spot. And if you’re unsure about which rug to take, that’s exactly what Obeetee blog series is all about- to help you with all your rug related problems.

In this blog, we will be featuring 5 of our best rugs that you can simply unroll in your most cherished outdoor picnic spot.

Which type of rug to choose?

Choosing a rug for a picnic requires a different set of considerations than when shopping for a rug for your living room. The longevity and manageability of the carpets take precedence over the patterns in this respect. This is where our amazing rugs enter the picture. If you want to create an outside atmosphere for a special event, hand tufted or hand knotted rugs might do the trick. However, if you're planning on using the carpet for a picnic, its deep pile and sturdy latexed backing might make it a hassle to transport. That might dampen the celebratory, energetic, and impromptu mood of the picnic. In this respect, dhurries are like the ideal picnic companion. A Dhurrie has the desirable properties of being easy to carry, long lasting, and fashionable. A very interesting fact about Dhurries is that since these furnishings are flat woven they tend to be reversible. You can just flip your rug over to reveal a clean side, perfect for using after you suspect it has been stained by dirt, grass, or food crumbs.

Now that we've established that a Dhurrie is the ideal picnic rug, let's have a look at the five finest Durries you can choose for your perfect day out.

1) Bold Floral Pattern Hand Woven Woollen Dhurrie

One look at this Dhurrie and it instantly lifts up your spirits. Its cheerful selection of colours which includes a cream background which has been enhanced by bold and doodle-like florals in greens and blues maintains the perfect playful vibes of your day out. Handwoven using the best yarn of wool, this Dhurrie is sure to endure all the traffic that comes its way. Since this rug is available in an adequate size of 8X5 ft., it is perfect for 2 or 3 people.

2) Recur Hand Woven Woollen Dhurrie

A floral pattern geometric reversible pattern dhurrie in olive green colour in flat weave, the Recur Dhurrie is another marvellous rug for your fun outing. The rug blends well with all the natural elements present in the nature, and hides the dirt and grass particles that might find its place after usage- thanks to the leafy florals coloured in green on its exceptionally crafted canvas.

The rug provides optimum seating space as it is available in a size of 8X5 ft.

3) Trellis Jacquard Loom Transitional Woollen Rug

The Jacquard creel loom rug has a richness created by a marriage of Oushak and Khotan motifs. Combining the traditional Oushak and Khotan motifs with crisp and minute details, gives new life to this carpet, with a warm, worn-out textural quality. The saturated colours from intense ink blues and classic greys, along with the sheen of pure wool and its vintage look, goes in sync with the mood and makes for a picturesque canvas for your outdoor picnic.

4) Purvi Hand Woven Woollen Dhurrie

An abstract tribal pattern with fringes, the Purvi hand woven Dhurrie is just the seating you need to create the everlasting memories with your loved ones. A dhurrie that goes well with the natural outdoor lighting due to its eye pleasing combination of two shades of green and cream, it is crafted for the outdoor aesthetic like a work of art as well as the quintessential contemporary interior living space. Crafted using handpicked yarn of wool, it endures high traffic movement is sure to last a substantial time.

5) Wellfleet Handwoven Cotton And Viscose Dhurrie

A mix of traditional and contemporary patterns woven on interesting textures in an updated fashion colour palette, the Wellfleet handwoven Dhurrie is a perfect canvas to carry on your outdoor trips. In addition, its updated woven surface with blooming blues combined with white add a further element of interest to this exciting canvas. Available in the size of 5X3 ft. the rug is easy to handle, carry, and wash after usage.

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