Different Rugs for Different Personalities

A brief stroll down the street, and it doesn’t take very long to determine how different people have different individualistic traits. Some prefer to be bold and tell the whole world the rebel that they are, just like our rugs that through their vibrant colours and patterns lift up the entire ambience of a home. On the other hand, some prefer keeping their true selves to themselves shielding their personalities with a unique, simplistic, and subtle exterior which doesn’t tell you much, but just enough to keep you wondering. This one is similar to our contemporary designs that capture the essence of the contemporary homes in their muted colour pallets and minimalistic patterns.

Rugs for Different Personalities

There are personalities, and patterns that are beyond the abovementioned traits and elements. Just as there are innumerable galaxies in the universe, the world too just like it, is a kaleidoscope of distinctive patterns and personalities.

At Obeetee carpets, we understand this difference between different homeowners. Every homeowner wishes to express themselves best through their homes. Since a rug is the base of a home’s entire interior, it has to be just the right amount of colour, pattern, and size to suit your taste. This is why we consistently work on bringing fresh styles to our wide range of rugs to cater to every individualistic preference of every homeowner.

Let us take a look at some of these rugs that could suit various different personalities, and perhaps by the end of this blog, you might find the one that suits you!

1) Persian saga

Persian rugs are known for their vintage appeal. Being one of the oldest forms of rugs and carpets, these furnishings date back to the 5th century B.C., with the oldest rug discovered in the 1948 by archaeologists at the time. These rugs have been a major design and quality reference for rug makers over centuries, and have inspired some of the greatest works in the category of Persian hand knotted rugs and carpets.

Talking design and aesthetic appeal of these rugs, the Persian rugs often have a vibrant colour pallet which features motifs and emblems that have a cultural significance associated with the region of its origin. An authentic Persian rug is always crafted by a skilled artisan who has adequate knowledge of the traditional skill of hand knotting and incorporating the Persian design elements to their rugs.

The Persian Saga collection of Obeetee is inspired by these magnificent works of art, and brings to your home the traditional aesthetic in a variety of different ways.

While these rugs often are a display of vibrant hues and sumptuous patterns, being in the industry for over a century, we as rug makers in the industry have realised that some homeowners prefer the intricate Persian motifs but may not keenly prefer the vibrant colour pallets for their homes. That’s why our craftspeople and designers alike, approach their artistry with a contemporary mind-set. The designs remain intricate with certain contemporary elements being embedded into the pattern scheme. For example, a traditional Persian medallion with a distressed vintage finish in muted colour tones.

If you are a homeowner with a traditional or an opulent home setup, the hand knotted rugs from the Persian Saga are sure to complement your home in the most ideal manner. A vibrant Persian rug, preferably the Qum or Isfahan may complement your traditional vibrant home, matching the level of detail of the latter. On the other hand, if your home tends to have a modern décor setup showcasing muted toned walls and furniture, you can opt for the Gabbeh Persian rugs for their minimalistic patterns, as well as the Kerman rugs for their vintage finish.

2) Farmhouse chic

A collection that features a magnificent coalescence of motifs that capture the essence of times gone by and those of the modern day, the farmhouse chic is a range that has a rug for every home. Every rug from this collection breathes life into those homes that yearn for a luxurious accent at their centre. Crafted using handpicked yarn of the highest quality, every rug in this collection ensures comfort underfoot.

The design scheme of the rugs ranges anywhere from a basic minimalistic textural design scheme to tribal motifs, as well as florals, and more.

On a free Sunday when you have nothing to do and nowhere to go, that’s when you resort to the beauty of the farmhouse chic. Its marvellously knotted and tufted threads of the rugs in this collection let you enjoy the ‘sweetness of doing nothing’ idly enjoying a book on their plush canvas, or with your loved ones playing an interesting game of cards.

The collection is for all those fun loving individuals who enjoy a little ‘me’ or ‘us’ time occasionally, and prefer to create relaxing vibe in their homes to bring freshness to their homes, and their souls.

3) Amer canvas

Have you ever the opulent ‘Havelis’ or palaces of Rajasthan, or particularly, Jaipur? The Jaipur architecture, dating back to the 18th century, illustrates a variety of themes of power, regalia, and kingship. The city which is surrounded by thick walls and gateways captures the tales of changing times, and with it, the realms.

The Amer canvas collection of rugs and carpets, is inspired by this beautiful regalia. Every rug from this collection is crafted for an individual who belongs to today, but whose heart belongs to the days gone by. It is for those homeowners who still ponder upon how the royals must have been living in the forts and leading their lives. it is for the ones who admire the floral garden of the fort and the opulent structure and carvings on its walls, pillars, windows, and more.

From buildings resembling the Disney castle when seen from certain angles to designer sandstone Havelis, aged trees, and winding gardens, the Pink city frequently leaves visitors speechless with its unparalleled beauty. The living legacy, traditions of art, craft, and culture continue to attract tourists to the city of Jaipur, despite the city's growth, expansion, and shift to democratic power centres.

Our designers and craftspeople, came together to bring this magnificence on our plush soft rugs, so you could experience and bring a royal aesthetic to your home. The rugs, featuring rugs with a geometric design scheme, as well as elegant florals mimicking the magnificent gardens, exude a unique, royal, and a slightly modern take on the traditional sense of patterns that complements the luxurious interior of every home. Additionally, crafted using the most superior yarn of wool and cotton, the rugs in these collection are durable to endure outdoor usage and its designs go well with an outdoor setup, thanks to its elegant tones of pastels that look great in a natural light.

4) Pop & Play

The Pop & Play collection features a colourful array of rugs to stimulate the ever-imaginative brain of your little one. Children tend to have an imaginative brain from a very young age, precisely when they begin to play with toys at the age of 2-3 years of age. The Pop & Play collection features a collection of rugs that is crafted with superior quality material, perfect for the delicate skin of your child. In addition its patterns encapsulate an array of fun elements to make your little one’s imagination run wild.

In additional, there are six different categories in the collection because the designers took into consideration the distinctive behavioural characteristics of a child. The

5) Gypsy Oasis

A collection crafted and curated for the Bohemian soul, the Gypsy Oasis captures the essence of nature and the various naturally artistic elements present in it. It comprises a spirted array of rugs and carpets, perfect to add life to any corner of a home. The rugs are perfect for any home owner who wishes to make a unique statement in a space while draping it with a never ending charm and character.

A collection that features a wide variety of rugs hand knotted and hand tufted to perfection using only the most superior quality of yarn, it is a collection that screams comfort and luxury at a glance. Create a cosy vibe in your home with designs ranging from elegant florals, to eye pleasing geometrics, to opulent traditional motifs.

Available in a variety of sizes you can choose the perfect rug for your home, if nature happens to be your one true calling.

6) The minimalist edit

Just as the name suggests, the minimalist edit is all about the concept of less is more. There are several reasons as to why we might want to incorporate a minimalist design scheme into our homes. Sometimes, the simplest reason for it is that we tend to have a furniture and wall setup which tends to be a bit more towards the minimalistic end- this means that the walls have certain pattern and the furniture is in a vibrant tone (bright red, green, blue, maroon etc.). In this case, to tone down the vibrancy in a space necessitates the presence of a minimalistic rug in such space. Another reason can be that you just prefer beauty in its most subtle way. The minimalist edit, is just about this aesthetic preference of a homeowner. With its fresh abstracts and designs that mimic the coastal waves, the design scheme of these rugs focuses on bringing elegance, warmth, and freshness to any home with design elements that are not overpowering to the senses, or to the interior of your home.