Rugs That Sustain High Traffic Areas

Our homes are our safe spaces. When we move into a new home, we want it to have the strongest walls, sturdy floor, and safe locks. We make sure that it is built with only the best quality material and is located in a safe neighbourhood. The second step in this quest then is how we adorn it. We look through furnishings and want them to be just as strong as our home is. However, owing to the rapid race of consumerism, globalisation, and technological advancements; there is a whole chunk of makers in the home and lifestyle sector that tend to lose the initial purpose of crafting furnishings- to provide quality furnishings to homeowners for their homes. As a result of this it has become a challenge to actually find furnishings that can endure high traffic and utility.


Talking rugs, they tend to be one of the most crucial home furnishings in a home. So naturally, quality becomes extremely crucial in this aspect. Understanding the importance of this requirement, we at Obeetee only craft furnishings keeping in mind the durability aspect of our rugs. Being in the industry for 102 years, we know what it takes to sustain a rug in a home, and through it, the art of crafting some of the nation’s most exquisite rugs. The secret is not giving in to the race of producing only quantity, rather quality.

If you are a homeowner looking for a quality rug for all those high traffic areas in your home, look no further. You’ve stepped on just the portal to help you with selecting a rug that you can keep in your home for years to come.

Let’s take a look at our top 5 rugs crafted keeping in mind the high traffic areas in contemporary homes. 


  1. Wisconsin Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

Hand tufted to perfection by seasoned artisans, this rug is a true beige beauty and also a durable one. It is crafted using some of the most carefully handpicked yarn of wool to enhance its durability. When it comes to design, since beige is largely used in modern homes, the rug is perfect for the homeowner of today who fancies intricate designs on a canvas with a light colour pallet. This rug is available in 4 different sizes ranging from 5X3 to 10X8, so depending upon your size and aesthetic requirements you can choose that suits your space the best.


  1. Mahal Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

An elegant, traditional rug with an intricate design in every inch, the Mahal Rug instantly gives out a royal décor appeal to any space. A beautiful combination of abstracts and florals, its motifs provide its rich canvas with a traditional appeal. Additionally, its colour selection of tones of blue and grey provide it with a contemporary approach. Its motifs are inspired by the widely used traditional motifs in Indian artistry and craft, and is sure to bring a warm aesthetic to any space. Since the rug is crafted using the best quality yarn of wool, the rug will last in your home a long time. Moreover, the hand tufted nature of the rug makes the canvas of this rug sturdy and a reliable accent for those high traffic areas.


  1. Ibis Tribal Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

Ibis Tribal-V rug's stunning high lustre wash brings tribal art and workmanship to its exquisite canvas. The canvas is not just remarkable its design appeal, but also extremely durable as it is hand tufted using superior quality yarn of wool. Wool is a material which known for its durable nature, and the technique of hand tufting further adds to the strength of this rug. This rug is available in 3 sizes- 6X4, 8X5, and 9X6 respectively.


  1. Saira Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

The Saira-H rug is a mosaic of colours, patterns, and embossed textures hand-tufted from lustrous wool and cotton. The woollen nature of this rug makes it capable of hiding any wear and tear, making it extremely resilient. The carpet, apart from looking gorgeous in your home, can persist for many years without displaying indications of wear or tear from intensive foot traffic. This rug is a terrific choice for hallways, family rooms, and other heavy-traffic areas in your house that may require a little more protection from spills, footfalls, or pets because of its strong stain resistance.


  1. Cersei Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

Our Cersei hand-tufted rug is a timeless design that takes its influences from classic Persian design style. It boasts an amber red backdrop with a huge single medallion in green, brown, and yellow in the centre. It is complemented further by a thick border that surrounds it on all four sides and is embellished with motifs that depict the true Persian style. It is suitable for any indoor or outdoor setting because it is constructed of glossy, fade-resistant, and long-lasting material. Since this rug is crafted using the best quality yarn of wool, this rug is fantastic choice for any home since it is a soft, yet sturdy canvas with a lot of adaptability. It is dyed in a broad spectrum of colours, resulting in more bright and varied interior aesthetic for your décor.

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