5 Classic Carpets for Modern Indian Homes

The thing about traditions is, no matter where we go, it’s true essence never really leaves us. Our traditions, bind us in their beautiful threads of memories, emotions, and historical importance attached to them. Passed down to us through our ancestors and then through us to our future generations, the beautiful cycle of traditions is one that might evolve with change in the culture, but never truly diminishes.

rugs for modern homes

The rug and carpets industry in this regard is constantly evolving and exploring new and interesting ideas. However, traditional décor elements i.e. designs, materials, motifs, colour schemes from the olden times is something the industry never can move past. There’s something about the traditional elements that always enlivens and enhances the aesthetics of any atmosphere. The older a carpet is, the more exquisite it becomes. The more attached its roots are to the times gone by, the more it complements the aesthetic requirements of the present day homeowner.

Obeetee carpets and traditions:

This philosophy of legacy and historical significance is what Obeetee carpets truly admires and derives inspiration from. Our 102 year old legacy of crafting some of the industry’s best carpets is an evidence of this. Be it the Persian, Tabriz, Kashmiri and French paisleys, or the opulent Rajasthani rug motifs; at Obeetee carpets, our aim is to provide every homeowner with something that they feel expresses them the best through our carefully crafted rugs.

If you are modern homeowner who embraces traditional themes and crafts just as much as we do, read this blog further. Here we list our 5 best traditional rugs for modern spaces that could really bring that true traditional character to your space and bind it all together.

Gyatso Knotted Woollen and Viscose Rug:

Gyatso, a luxuriously constructed masterpiece, is named after the Tibetan word meaning "ocean." Modern living spaces benefit from its tranquillising and fashionable colour, which is reminiscent of the crystal-clear azure blue waves of the Mediterranean. The Gyatso rug is the ideal home décor element for people who appreciate a minimalistic colour and design theme   thanks to its simple geometric motifs that evoke the tranquil nature of ocean waves.

A combination of Argentinian and Sardinian woven wool cuts with viscose loops and cuts, this rug is an epitome of skilful mastery over palette, texture, and design. This handmade beauty awakens a distinct feeling in the heart of the beholder, like having a part of the ocean under your feet.

Raona Hand Tufted Woollen Rug:

The Raona rug from the Panache range is a fascinating handcrafted rug with an artistic allure that is hand-tufted using Sardinian wool (from both the mainland and the island). The combination of the Oushak and Bijar patterns gives the impression that there are multiple levels of motifs.

This rug becomes a perfect illustration of fusion when two different patterns and the distinctive methods found in the two stylistic traditions are combined. Form and design come together to produce an infinitely rich texture with an earthy, warm feel on the carefully crafted canvas of this rug. The maximalist nature of the vivid hues makes them perfect for urban dwellers seeking a hint of the past in their contemporary interiors.

Conway Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

The parallel lines on the Conway rug are a modern mash-up of abstracts and textures, keeping up with domestic and international design trends. The design features of this rug range from brilliant reds to pastel pinks, showcasing an intriguing colour pallet. Pair it up with a combination of neutral and vibrant decorative elements in your space to being out the true beauty of this rug.

Stripe Hand Tufted Woollen Rug:

The Stripe rug is a stylish handcrafted blue piece ideal for contemporary home decor. This hand-tufted piece from the collection is minimalistic and elegant, adding a touch of newness to contemporary spaces. It keeps up with domestic and international design trends.

The rug's designs combine abstracts, graphics, and textures in a modern way. Any craft enthusiast will be intrigued by the ecstatic visual charisma this rug brings to space.

Nolan Hand Knotted Woollen Rug:

The Nolan rug's modern, minimalistic patterns on its beautifully woven canvas enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. The tan background of this rug makes it a very versatile accent piece that goes with any type of home decor. This rug will blend beautifully with the overall look of your home if it is decorated in a palette of neutral colours. On the other hand, the rug will serve as a unifier for the entire setting in traditional arrangements with brilliant colours, serving as a standout element.