Rugs for Christmas This Season

No matter how many years pass by, or how much we as humans advance in terms of technology and civilisation, one thing that will always remain unabashed would be our zeal to engage in distinct festivities. We place these festivals at such a high pedestal not only because of their religious significance, but also the social and cultural. One such festival is the harbinger of health and prosperity and the occasion that through its sweet ‘merry’ bells tells us “it is time to light all your bulbs and decorate all your porches because Santa is coming”. Yes, you guessed that right. We are in fact talking about Christmas. It is the embodiment of the belief that regardless of all of life’s hardships, there is always going to be one bright and beautiful light shining right upon us and our loved ones, the light of god.

Rugs for Christmas This Season

In the spirit of this optimistic thought we begin to decorate our homes, plan the gatherings with our loved ones, and channelize the harmonious for the entire month of December.

Christmas is mainly known as the one ultimate announcer of the winter season. Therefore, it is not possible to plan our home décor for the festival without actually incorporating a beautiful vibrant rug, or multiple different ones.

The month has just begun, and that is why Obeetee Carpets is here to prepare you for the 25th December, and welcome the new beginning that the New Year brings.

Let us quickly take you through our magnificent collection of Christmas rugs curated especially for the festive season.

1) Vibrant colours is the one true language of Christmas. With people dressing up as Santa wearing vibrant red outfits every year, it has become a trend to adorn our homes with the best colours of Christmas. These colours range from bright greens to muted yellows to pearly whites, and of course the opulent red. A timeless style that takes its cues from traditional Persian design style, our Cersei hand-tufted rug is perfect festive rug that features an amber red backdrop with a large single medallion in green, brown, and yellow in the middle. It is further enhanced by a broad border that surrounds it on all four sides, which is decorated with designs that capture the authentic Persian style. It is ideal for any indoor or outdoor setting as it is constructed with lustrous, fade-resistant, and durable material.

2) The next rug in the Christmas category is a perfect piece of accent for all the minimalistic style lovers. With the intricate design of our tranquil hand knotted rug, you can adorn your home this winter with themes of seasonal merriment. Since it features an eye pleasing neutral colour pallet, it will still be festive due to its intricate line work and minimalistic due to its well thought colour conceptualisation. It features a detailed line work illustrating the true festive vibes of the season. The pearl cream background paired with hints of blue accents is the perfect colour scheme for a light and airy winter scene. Made from our high quality, fade-resistant, and durable low-pile Chenille material, this rug is a perfect adornment for you to ring in the Christmas as well as the New Year vibes.

3) A marvellous rug crafted to perfection by our skilled craftspeople, this rug is not just an accent that sits well in your home. In addition, to its durability, it Is a perfect gift for your loved ones if you decide to become someone’s secret Santa. Our Isle hand tufted Rug, which draws inspiration from the traditional, hand-knotted patterns of the Old Persian rugs, has a multi-band of intricate and festive motifs, featuring geometric medallions coloured in all the colours of the Christmas season, from vivid red to green to pearl creams. This rug, which has been created with only the finest wool and cotton yarn, will keep you warm and cosy throughout the winter and bring the much-needed holiday spirit to the heart of your home.

4) A rug that features all the essential colours of the festival, this rug is perfect for every space in your home. One way to bring this rug to really give your space that Christmas character is by pairing it up with a real or faux pine tree. Add a few gifts and lights on your tree which is placed atop your rug, and you’ll be able to see how quickly it brings an immediate aestheticism to your festive space.Our traditional Mary Rug features beautiful Persian theme designs blended with the merry spirit of the holiday season for an enhanced festive aesthetic. Featuring emerald green and rustic red hues that delicately float against a creamy line work, this accent piece is gorgeous and perfect for highlighting the depth of your holiday home decor. This rug is made with finest yarn of wool and cotton and is sure to keep you warm and cosy all season.

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