How to Use Colours to Achieve the Right Vibe in Home

The story of colour:

There is nothing that exists without colour in this world. The story of colour does not only confine to perceiving different hues from our eyes, but they also affect our state of mind, or how we wish to express ourselves. To sum it up, colours allow us to tell our story without using words. This is mainly why some colours work better on only certain occasions. Some instances may be, using vibrant tones for festivities, neutral tones for formal settings, and pastels primarily for the spring season. Of course, it is ultimately our preferences that determine what colour works best for us for a specific occasion, but matching colours as per the general vibe of the season, occasion, or setup is a standard that most homeowners consider while selecting a perfect colour for any furnishing for their homes.

Rugs for home

Rugs and colours:

Talking rugs, it is extremely important to carefully consider what vibe we wish to achieve by selecting a specific coloured rug for our home. A rug is the base of any house, which means it is the focal point of a space and will catch the glance of anyone who steps inside. If your rug does not have at least a few elements and tones similar to the rest of your interior, it might start to look out of place. Additionally, sometimes when we choose a rug colour that has exactly the same colour pallet as that of our interior, it starts to camouflage, losing its own unique charm. Therefore, it is important to understand the concept of contrast, and combination in this aspect.

If you are a homeowner who wishes to understand how to exactly achieve your desired vibe in a home using colours, read this blog ahead. How to use colours to create your perfect vibe

1. Decide how you want the room to feel.

Since you will be seeing your rug in your space day in and day out, it is crucial to understand exactly the vibe that you are going for. Do you wish to create a vibe that relaxes you? Or is it the one that enlivens you. Choosing the right colour for your rug is all about how you wish to express yourself, once you decide the mood of the space, you can select the colour.


Light colours will make the space look more open and airy. If you have limited space, choose a rug in pastel colours. White tones are another alternative. You can also use warm yet vibrant colours.


Rugs with monochromatic colour schemes are good for creating a peaceful environment. Choose subdued blue and green tones if you want the area to be calm. Purple and other cool colours provide the same purpose. These colours are also ideal for areas with strong décor components.


Rich rug colours such as orange, scarlet, deep green, or even a light lime are excellent choices for adding vibrancy to any area.


Stick to dark colours like chocolate and burgundy when choosing a handcrafted carpet for the master bedroom. They make the place feel more personal. They're also ideal for the family room for the same reason. Another colour you could choose to provide a hint of luxury comfort is navy.

2. Match the colour to the room’s furnishings.

As stated earlier, colour combination is one of the key aspects involved in deciding the perfect colour rug for your space. It helps binding the entire place together and makes your setup appear like a well thought structure. Deciding on a rug colour when there is existing furniture and décor in the space, it requires some juggling. First, examine the present colour scheme of the room. Then determine whether you want the rug to blend in or stand out.If the area is already busy with patterns and colours, choose a rug with solid colours or neutral tones.If the space has bright walls in tones of orange or sunshine, a subdued carpeting colour is a wise choice. Soft tans and light greys will work well here. The same rule applies if the furniture has vibrant upholstery. There are several other such aesthetics that you can experiment to create the best one that appeals to you.

3. Consider the interiors of the room.

Interior design influences rug colour in the same way that furniture does. Multi-colored carpets would look great in rooms with solid, one-color décor. Patterned carpets are another excellent alternative in this situation. The standard is that at least one primary colour of the carpet should match the décor.

4. Suit the rug colour to the type of room.

There is a rug to fit every room in your home. A carpet that seems to be designed for your bedroom, on the other hand, would most likely look out of place in the hallway. As a result, make sure the rug's colour complements the style of the space.

5. Light and shadows.

Another element to consider while selecting the best colour for the rug is the flow of light and shadow in the space. Because both artificial and natural lighting affect how you interpret the colour of the carpeting.

6. Consider the room’s flooring.

A marble floor requires a stunning broadloom with striking designs, but a dark wood floor pairs beautifully with a handcrafted jute carpet.

So, while choosing a rug colour, keep the floor in mind. Light-coloured floors work well with bright-coloured rugs or pastel-coloured carpets, while dark-coloured floors go well with dark rug hues. The explanation for this is simple: when the floor is black and the rug is light, it seems washed.

7. Play to your palette with rug colours

A rug can be the most powerful weapon in your home décor armoury, whether it serves as a background for the space or as the artwork that elevates it from comfortable to luxurious.

There are flat weaves and eco-friendly carpets that can make a dull space look modern and striking. Hand-tufted wool rugs add a sense of elegance and heritage to any room. That is why we usually advise clients to choose an area rug based on their preferences.

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