What Is The Perfect Rug Size For Your Home?

We have all had instances when we bought an apparel that we really liked, but when we wore it, its sizing just didn’t look on us how we had initially imagined it to look like. When it comes to choosing the right size rug, consider it as an outfit for your home. When we choose our clothing in a size that complements our body structure well, we look our most confident self and it becomes easier to express ourselves to our friends, acquaintances, and family. You might not believe this, but a rug for your home, does the same thing. It accentuates the corners of your home, makes you feel more comfortable when interacting with people, and just adds more character to your space.

rug size for your home

Importance of rug measurements

How does one determine what size is good for a specific area? Of course, the common notion is that it depends on the architectural measurements of your space and the ratio of a rug-to-living room. However, you cannot solely depend on this basic conception. Measurements have a considerable role to play when it comes to providing the right type of aesthetic appeal to your space. A large sized rug for a small space might make the area look smaller, and a small sized rug for a wide room might leave a lot of negative space in your space, making it harder for you to find elements to fill it up with.

There are a few common sizes that are created by rug brands so there is minimum effort involved for customers when they are looking for the right rug for their homes. All you need to do is measure your home’s shape and size and choose the perfect size based on what looks good in your home.

Let us take a look at few of the most common sizes that we craft our carpets in.


A size preferred by homeowners widely, the 5X8 rug size would work best if your couch is about 7 feet long. An 8 foot long rug would look great beneath this size and therefore it will really bring out the character of your space if you overlap it with your furniture or place the rug in front. If negative floor space is a concern for you, you can always place all your furniture atop the carpet but it might not look the best given its size which will hide the original design and aesthetic of your rug.


This is a side which works best in an average sized room. It is not too big and not too small. Even if you place your furniture on top of this rug, its border can still be seen covering a considerable part of your room.


This is another widely preferred rug size. It will fit in any ten-foot-wide room. The style trick is often referred to as the golden ratio.

At Obeetee Carpets, if you explore our collections you will find many rugs in this size and even the larger ones. They are suitable for bedrooms but are most commonly found in the centre of living rooms.


The 3X5 size is the smallest size, crafted for spaces that are rather small in size but still require an aesthetic lift. These spaces can be anything ranging from your kitchen, bathroom, to your storage room. This size is also perfect if you want to define certain furniture elements in your living room or bedroom such as a rocking chair or a corner table. This will help add detail to your space making it look warmer.


This rug size is usually best suited for extra-large living rooms. Even if your room is small in size, it can be used as a base for your floor as a wall to wall carpet. You can add more warmth and character subsequently by layering your 12X18 rug with two or more different sized rugs on top of this base rug. For layering you can either go for the 9X12 or the 8X10.

Rearranging your furniture- all feet or no feet?

If the size of your rug is small i.e. anywhere from3X5 to 8X10, you *could* explore the all feet on rug style, but we do not recommend it. All feet aesthetic usually looks good with large sized rugs as even if all the feet of your furniture are on top of it, the carpet still acts like a solid base for your entire furniture setup. Since it is a bigger sized rug, its design and colour will still be visible from beneath your furniture, thus not losing its design appeal. However, for medium or small sized rugs, you could try the front feet method or the no feet method as your furniture will not end up covering most part of the rug in these two methods.

If you find that none of our sizes are sitting well with the measurements of your home, contact us. We are here for every need of yours when it comes to carpets that enliven your home.