Redefining traditions- The Persian Saga

For the longest time, when people talked of traditional rugs, they were referring to a well-known Persian rug type with fringes, a border, and classical design scheme. With the introduction of the contemporary area rugs, a whole new genre of décor has emerged. These rugs are manufactured with hands using a modern hand tufting technique, and the ones of even higher quality are generally hand knotted. Just like the traditional carpets and rugs have been for hundreds of years, but the difference here is in their design appeal where is crafted with a traditional design approach and the other, with a contemporary one.

 Redefining traditions Rugs

You could think that modern area rugs should only be used in modern settings; however, the genuine aesthetic fact is that combining contemporary rugs with classic design and vice versa provides a beautiful contrast that is elegant, controlled, and extremely sophisticated. Today's most prominent designers are combining rugs of different types in ways that keep them at the forefront of home decor.

When Obeetee Carpets conceptualises a collection, this requirement of you for your home is exactly what our designers keep in mind, and our craftspeople in their hearts. Every Obeetee rug is embedded with this one true sentiment that you wish to express through your home.No matter the design theme you go for, at Obeetee Carpets, you will find it all.

Our special and exclusive collection, Persian Saga is our one such attempt at bringing the best of your home. This collection of handcrafted rugs and carpets serve as witnesses to history in the making, as well as adorning magnificent structures. It includes Mamluk carpets, Turkish antiquities, Sultanabad rugs, and Persian elegance by some of the world's most recognised rug makers. The collection pays homage to history's great dynasties and was inspired by collections from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, and The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The knot density on these carpets is rather high at 300 knots per square inch. These rugs, which carry the Totem of our professional weavers, are worthy of a place in the home of venerable carpets.

Now that we have given you a fair glimpse of the ‘Saga’ of our collection, let us take a look at some of the rugs from the collection that you can explore for your home.

1) Sultanabad Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

The Sultanabad hand tufted woollen rug, is a rug that you don’t have to think much before getting. It is magnificent, it is durable and it is easy on the pockets as well, with the 6X4 variant coming in as low as Rs. 10,400. This rug is available in 3 different sizes, and depicts a beautiful combination of sage green, rust, and golden shades. The Sultanabad rug is an ideal piece of adornment for homes that seek a classic décor setting. Its major hue is sage green, which makes it suited to a modern décor setting while still keeping the simplicity and elegance of your space in place.  Its delicate designs are also influenced by ancient Oushak and Khotan themes, which are noted for their appealing design aspects.

2) Botanicals Hand knotted Woollen Rug

The botanicals hand knotted woollen rug is just as well suited for a modern home as it is for a traditional one. The rug is a new take on classic design, and embraces the amalgamation of Oushak and Khotan patterns that have been fractured through the use of generous colour variation - from greys with accents of gold, fuchsia, purple and blues, giving an antique yet unexpected contemporary twist to your décor aesthetic. In addition, the rug is hand knotted to perfection by seasoned artisans, which makes it last longer in your home.

3) Amritsaar Hand Knotted Woollen Rug

This rug is a runner rug crafted for all of your hallways and doorways. Runner rugs are another element that is found largely in traditional home décor setups. The reason for this is that the style emerged in the Mughal era when emperors would adorn their massive corridors with artistic rugs from all around the world.

The Amritsaar hand knotted rug, with its eye pleasing combination of beige and gold hues will certainly leave an impression on anyone who enters your home. The striking style is developed by a very different weaving technique which is called Soumak. This rug is comprised of designs inspired by traditional Persian and Mughal motifs. Additionally, if you have a contemporary décor setup, its designs scheme is such that it can easily work well contemporary solid coloured rugs as a base. Since the rug is hand knotted by skilled craftspeople, it will not wear or tear easily, making it last a long time in your home.

4) Behrouz Hand Knotted Woollen Rug

The Behrouz-b rug is a modern spin on a classic pattern, embracing the blend of Oushak and Khotan motifs deconstructed with the use of vivid blues, subtle greys, and stunning charcoal. The mix of a modern reinterpretation of a traditional design and the sumptuous appearance and feel of the rug will brighten any room in your home.

5) Findon Hand Knotted Woollen Rug

The Findon rug is simple yet attractive, with classic Khotan and Oushak designs replicated masterfully and presented in a contemporary style.

The carpet is embroidered with spa blue, gold, grey, and white pastel tones. They are crafted withmulti-coloured quality wool and enhanced with a unique lustre wash to offer warmth to the rug as well as to the ambience of your home.

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