Refresh on a Budget: 5 Easy Ways to Breathe Life into Your Space

The change in the season might make you feel that your living space is looking a little tired. The cushions might have lost their fluffiness, the artificial flowers might have lost their charm, the weight of the books and decor accents might have worn down the bookshelf, and let’s not get started on the window panes, the curtains and the dusty condition of the ceiling fan. Thinking about all this together would entice an idea in your mind about giving your home a makeover. However, this thought may face a budget restriction. Changing the entire decor could take a toll on your pocket but little do you know that there are multiple budget-friendly ways to do so.

5 Easy Ways to Breathe Life into Your Space

Your home is an extension of your personality, it not only reflects you but also represents your qualities to the house guests. Decorating such a place is a lot more than just aesthetics. It is about creating an environment that nurtures and inspires you.  A space that is decorated upto the mark can elevate mood, and increase productivity. From rearranging to swapping old items in your decor with new ones at a discount, you can give your home a rejuvenated look. Already onward with us right, sight tight and keep reading to explore ideas to breathe life into your space.

  1. Get a handmade rug- A carpet is more than just a floor covering. It sets the base of the interior, providing you with a platform to bring the other decor accents and tie the room together. As per your budget, you can get a new rug or a refurbished one. While purchasing a new handmade rug can be out of your budget, you can buy one from Obeetee Carpets. At Obeetee, we have a buyback program under which we buy back old hand-knotted rugs, refurbish them, and sell them for comparatively low prices. In our collection, we also have hand-tufted rugs that can be in your budget with various discounts we offer to our customers.
    As per the existing colors in your home, get a rug that matches the home of your theme. Getting a rug that is not in sync with the existing color palette of your interior might go out of budget as you will have to get new accents to match the rug.
  2. Rearrangement and decluttering- Start by clearing out all the unwanted items that are covering up the space unnecessarily. Tap into your artistic personality and pour your creativity via ‘DIY’ accents. Instead of a flower vase, you can create a vase from a used glass bottle, paint the outside with the colors in your interior, and put some flowers through.
    After adding in some DIY accents, you can rearrange the placement of the furniture and give our space a makeover.
  3. Matching cushions- Cushions are multipurpose accents. They not only enhance the comfort of your furniture and support your back but also elevate the aesthetics of the interior. They complement the colors in your space and lend your home a contemporary aura. Experimenting with different shapes, sizes, and colors of the cushion will help you keep updating the look of your interior regularly. At Obeetee Carpets, we have a vast collection of cushion covers and fillers. Each cushion comes with a unique design pattern, allowing you to transform your home and give it a fresh look under budget. The cushion fillers in our collection are stuffed with the best quality fibers, keeping your cushions fluffy for a long time.
  4. Accent Furniture- Refreshing your space requires furniture. You can either purchase new furniture or repurpose your existing one. With time, furniture accents tend to lose their shine and look old. Polishing your old furniture and changing the covers of the mattresses can help you give your home a rejuvenated look.
    If you wish to purchase new furniture, it might be difficult and may fall out of budget. With Obeetee Carpets, you can buy fine furniture accents. Crafted with the best quality of acacia wood and mango wood, with fine polishing on an EMI basis. This way, each of our furniture accents will not only elevate your space but also be within your budget.
  5. Creativity is the key- Getting creative with your existing decor accessories is another way to refresh your home. Placing a rug on the wall instead of the floor will solve 2 purposes. It won’t just look unique but will make a cool backdrop and won’t need a wall painting. Indoor plants can take up the space of showpieces, adding colors and visual freshness to your space.


While there can be many ideas to transform your home on a budget, it all depends on your creativity. Furthermore, decor accents from Obeetee Carpets will enhance the aesthetics of your space, and add life to your home effortlessly.

To explore our handmade decor accents, visit our website or any of our flagship stores located across the country.