Introducing the new collection- Elemental

Throughout the muli-verse, the cosmos, everything of existence is built upon the Panchtattva. The 5 elements of nature that make the world a place to survive and thrive are air, water, space, fire, and land. Listed in the history books of every religion, the Panchtattva is responsible for life. It is the symphonic blend of these elements that life exists. The knowledge of these 5 elements helps us understand the laws of nature, mind, body, and even the soul. Practically, we’ve seen these elements working in their ‘element’ but physically they are a lot more. As per the teachings from the Vedas, each of these describes the human body. Earth and water are at the base, below the navel, fire is in the middle of the torso; air and space reside in the upper body. When perceived in detail, the panch tattva demonstrates wisdom and healthy living.

Introducing the new collection Elemental

Each element of nature has a vital role. For centuries, different cultures and traditions have been around worshiping these elements, recognizing them as the support system of life. Since the dawn of time, these elements have been a source of inspiration. Kings fought to conquer them, musicians sang about them, poets and writers wrote about them, artists enacted their nature and artisans brought them into their hands by crafting through them. Following that notion, we at Obeetee Carpets have given birth to these elements in our way. Seeking inspiration from the Panchtatva, our designers and craftsmen, have brought to life a collection of hand-knotted rugs. Allow us to introduce the Elemental collection.

Let us take you on a journey, embarking upon the qualities of each element, exploring their unique qualities and the essence of their existence.

  1. Air- No place is empty. Even a room with nothing inside has something, that is how we can describe air. The basic and the most important gas necessary for all living things to survive, Oxygen is in the air. It is like the vital source of energy that fuels us. Responsible for every movement in living beings, the expansion, and contraction, the vibrations, everything is because of air. Describing the free-flowing movement, the air is the element of intelligence, freedom, and creativity.
    Encapsulating this essence of Air, a few carpets in our elemental collection feature a descriptive design, bringing it to life via the hand-knotted canvas.
  2. Water- The dominant portion of Earth is covered in water. This element of the 5 contradicts itself. It resides on the top of the highest peaks in a particular shape, yet it can be molded into anything. It does not have its shape, yet it takes the shape of the container or the place it is poured into. On one hand, it is flowing calmly, responsible for everything liquid in life but on the other, its furious waves consume everything in its path.
    Water embraces emotions and possesses more motion than anything on the earth, and the earth itself.
    On our carpets inspired by Water as an element, our designers have managed to adapt the carpet canvas to this contradicting nature of water.
  3. Fire- Co-dependent upon air(oxygen), this ferocious element of nature is the source of heat, energy, and purity. In our body, it describes the abdominal region according to the Vedas as it is this part that controls metabolism, digestion, and purification. With the proper spark, fire can provide an active boost and increase productivity. Also associated with anger, the fire within helps you embrace confidence and courage. It encapsulates the zeal of defeating darkness and is considered superior to other elements because of its bold nature.
    The carpets are inspired by the element of fire in our new collection and lend a contemporary yet vintage and bold aura to your space with their fiery shades.
  4. Earth- Not the last element in existence but the last one in our collection, this element is considered as home. Defining stability, groundedness, balance, co-existence and dependency, beginning, ending, and every other realm of life, earth is the element that binds all other elements together. The green plants, the vast ocean, forest fires, and the air that breathes life into everything can only be found in one place together, the Earth. This element encapsulates life, death, and rebirth. It is on earth where we are shaped and govern ourselves.

At Obeetee Carpets, we come up with new collections actively. Each of our collections seeks inspiration from the creativity of renowned designers, and unnoticed things around us. This time, we took our inspiration from the various elements of nature that keep the universe alive and have brought their essence to the carpet canvas. This hand-knotted collection is available at our retail stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Jaipur and also on our e-commerce platform Add life to your home with our elemental collection.