Investing Wisely: How to Choose a High-Quality Handmade Carpet

Anything handmade is a work of art. Including such an art piece in your wardrobe or living space can be used to make a statement. The contemporary world is a bucket of mass-produced goods, something handmade that just stands out, boasting its unique and unfiltered aura. Unlike machine-made items, handmade articles are crafted with attention to the slightest detail, withholding the emotion of their craftsman. In the handmade realm, Carpets are enlisted at the top. One of the oldest handmade goods, handmade carpets are more than decor articles and art pieces. They not only tell us about world history but also have kept the tradition of handmade alive. The oldest carpet in the world was hand-knotted around 2500 years ago, and ever since the dawn of time, handmade carpets are still woven in the world.

How to Choose a High-Quality Handmade Carpet

Unlike mass-produced goods, it takes much time and effort to craft a handmade article. This is the reason handmade articles come with a higher price tag. Handmade rugs are like investments. They come with a unique design, exceptional craftsmanship, and high-quality fibers and can take months to be crafted. In this blog, we won’t just dwell on handmade carpets but also list out some tips and tricks to make sure you invest wisely while you choose a handmade carpet for your home.

  1. The carpet quality- Whenever there is a mention of handmade rugs, in addition to the unique style, design pattern, and fine craftsmanship, the reference is to the high quality of the raw materials used to craft that carpet and its knot density. A handmade rug is like an investment that can be passed down to future generations as a family heirloom. Thus, you need to make sure the carpet is of high quality. Before making the choice, make sure to check the material of the carpet. Ask your carpet dealer to educate you with the necessary information about the material used. Inquire thoroughly about the certifications of the raw materials and the knot count of the carpet.
    Pro tip- The knot count of the carpet is calculated Per sq. inch. All you need to do is count the number of knots within an inch of vertical and horizontal area then multiply the two numbers. The higher the knot count, the better the quality of the carpet.
  2. The Design and Pattern- If you are investing a big amount, it is understood that the product needs to be unique. A knotted carpet can embrace highly complex, one-of-a-kind designs on its canvas. With higher knot counts, the carpet canvas can be a blend of curvy-linear patterns inspired by Persian art while carpets with a lower knot count can portray geometric and contemporary designs.

    We at Obeetee Carpets understand the importance of being unique. In our collection of handmade rugs, you will find an ocean of design styles. Each design embraced by our carpets’ canvases is not only different but is also inspired by various realms of the world. To come with limited additions, we actively collaborate with renowned designers in the world to make sure that we offer you a unique, high-quality handmade rug that defines your personality and makes you stand out from others.
  3. Authenticity- Being in the industry for more than a century has made us realize that businesses in the modern world will go to any extent to make a sale. At least once in your life, you might have experienced that level of dissatisfaction when a product did not meet your expectations, as claimed by the brand or the salesman.
    In the market today, multiple businesses claim to offer the best quality handmade carpets. But unlike others, we at Obeetee Carpets not only claim that our handmade rugs are authentic but also give you a certificate of their authenticity. This certificate is a gesture and proof that what we are offering is a product crafted with certified material and the exact no. of knot count as claimed. Another benefit that this certificate gives you is that after 5 years of purchase and until the next 25, you can exchange your Obeetee rug.

Investing in a high-quality handmade rug is like a journey into the cultural heritage of the world. With Obeetee Carpets, you won’t just be getting a handmade rug, you’d be making an investment that comes with the best artistry, fine craftsmanship, and superior quality that will last for generations. Each carpet from our house is authenticated by us, crafted using certified materials, and embraces unique designs. To experience the magic of handmade carpets, you can visit our website,, or any of our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Jaipur.

For more information about rugs browse through the blog section on our website. With Obeetee Carpets, add life to your home.