Obeetee's Collaboration with Contemporary Art: Where Art and Carpets Converge

Imagine stepping into a room adorned with the soft glow of ambient lighting, a place full of works of art on which the delicate yet intricate strokes of vibrant shades merge effortlessly, creating a mesmerizing three-dimensional tapestry that transports you through time. Sounds overwhelming right? Indeed it is.

Allow us to introduce you to a collection of carpets embarking on the fusion of tradition and modernity, where we, Obeetee Carpets, with a legacy spanning over 102 years, collaborated with Tissage to craft masterpieces that are nothing short of a lovely ballad to artistry.

Obeetee's Collaboration with Contemporary Art

The journey of our carpets began in a house of small weaver families situated in the town of Mirzapur, where for generations, we have meticulously woven carpets gracing homes across the globe. Committed to preserving the ancient art of handweaving that runs deep within our Indian heritage, passed down through the ages, we with our experience in fine craftsmanship departed on a voyage into the realm of contemporary art alongside Tissage, another rug-making pioneer in the global market.

This collaboration is a fine portrayal of the rich Indian heritage inspiring and infused into contemporary art, creating a set of carpets using the Imapsto style of painting. A sensory delight, each carpet in this collection is handwoven and boasts of abstract art influenced by nature.

Inspired by the unique painting styles that originated in the 20th century, followed by artists like Vincent Van Gogh, the collection of carpets crafted in this collaboration goes by the name ‘Impasto”. This painting style brings a three-dimensional to these works of art, adding texture and depth.

As mentioned earlier, the collection draws inspiration from the Impasto style of painting, where paint is applied in the form of thick layers to create a three-dimensional effect. Only the canvas of art has been switched with a canvas of carpet. Every design created in the collection is created by layering thick sketches of contemporary motifs on one top of another. This creates a 3D effect, adding a visual appeal to the carpet in any setting.

It features a shimmery mix of cotton, wool, and silk, meticulously combined by following a new cross-knotting technique to add depth to certain areas as per the design. Adorned with designs inspired by Japanese culture and abstract art, the uniqueness of the designs depicts the creative vision of the designer.

A few Rugs from the collection-

  1. Fleur Hand-Knotted Woollen And Silk Rug- If you wish to bring the beauty of nature into your home then this rug is the right pick for you. Reminiscent of having a garden underfoot, the unique floral design adds a spring vibe to your space along with the shine of sunshine on a cloudy day. Remarkably crafted using a blend of wool and silk, this carpet is the epitome of our world-class craftsmanship and Tisaage’s creativity. A soft piece to walk upon, this rug evokes a sense of joy you feel in a blooming garden in your home.

    Buy this rug here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/fleur-hand-knotted-woollen-and-silk-rug
  2. Terra Nova Hand-Knotted Woollen And Silk Rug- Hand-knotted to prediction using silk and wool, this rug is adorned with intricate patterns in both bright and deep shades. The vibrant shades of gold and blue compliment the hues of gray like the good and bad things in life. The yellow stunning flowers steal the attention showcasing its detailed patterns and work. The yellow background adds a touch of beauty to the blue color in front.

    Buy this rug here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/terra-nova-hand-knotted-woollen-and-silk-rug
  3. Solis Hand Knotted Woollen And Silk Rug- Adorned with leaves and flowers in a beautiful myriad of hues, the carpet draws an invitation to viewers to explore its intricate work. The cozy shades make it a perfect centerpiece, inducing warmth in the atmosphere. Made using fine wool and silk, the rug is hand-knotted and is the epitome of world-class craftsmanship. The red and black floral design adds depth to the overall aura of your space.

    Buy this rug here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/solis-hand-knotted-woollen-and-silk-rug

Every rug in this collection is a masterpiece. Meticulously crafted with an eye for detail and layered with multiple motifs to create a three-dimensional effect, the carpets in this collection elevate any space with their captivating elegance.  Whether your aesthetic leans towards contemporary or traditional, Impasto adds a unique character to your space.

While this collection is a testament to the creativity and innovation achieved in the realm of rug making, we are soon coming up with another collaboration with Tissage. This time, we will be bringing to you ‘Chroma’. The collection of carpets portrays an interplay between humans and colors and these souls, embarking on a transformative journey through the sacred color tones of nature.

It was indeed a delight for us to collaborate with Tissage and bring the Impasto unique collection to all of you. Its unique design philosophy has used the latest techniques to create a stunning collection of carpets that will make a statement in any space.

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