Investing in Timeless Beauty: The Value of Obeetee Carpets as Heirloom Pieces

Carpets are indeed a new category that is emerging as a must-have in the home décor space. You could have the best flooring, fixtures, curtains, and other improvements. But, not speaking on the right rug can make or break the look. A genuine good quality carpet with its uniqueness, comes at a price that may often feel a little extravagant – the good news is, investing in a rug from the right place can add that quintessential heirloom value and the investment may start to look a lot more worthwhile.

 Investing in Timeless Beauty

While purchasing a carpet we are not looking for a floor covering, but an exclusive and unique accent for our space. We are eyeing a statement-making piece that's a mirror to our personality.

Obeetee Carpets is a marketplace for rugs. We seek inspiration from the quality, craftsmanship, and weaving of some of the oldest rugs in history and have been creating our own for the past 100 years. Established in 1920, Obeetee Carpets today is one of the largest rug manufacturers in the world. With a century of experience, we understand the needs of the modern market. With time, we keep on updating our designs but weave our carpets with the old traditional weaving techniques, thus, inducing significance in our carpets. 

  • Craftsmanship

One of the unique qualities of our rugs is their fine craftsmanship. Made by traditional weaving techniques taught by Persian artists to Indian weavers, and passed down to the generations today, each of our carpets is an epitome of world-class weavary.

  • Timeless designs

The USP of our carpets is their designs. From abstract designs suitable for modern homes today to bold and traditional patterns that add a vintage and timeless aura to any space, we create something for everyone. Our designers research actively and keep coming up with something new, seeking inspiration from cultures and traditions all over the world. It's true when we say that we craft carpets for modern homes in a traditional way.

  • Quality and durability

The use of top-quality natural fibers and sustainably recycled artificial fibers make our carpets long-lasting and durable. Crafted to withstand the test of the seasons and retain their timeless beauty, each of our carpets is a heirloom-worthy piece.

We understand that a carpet is more than a floor covering, it's a long-term investment. In many families, carpets are passed down through generations as family heirlooms.  However, the choice of one generation might not agree with the next one or someday you might just wish to upgrade your decor. Keeping that in mind, we at Obeetee Carpets have launched a scheme with a buyback program. Honoring the promise of authenticity, good quality, and fine craftsmanship that we make to you, we have named this scheme “Woven Promises”. Through this initiative, individuals who have bought an Obeetee rug with a knot count of 190 or more will be given an authenticity certificate that affirms the product's originality and design. This certificate will be like a piece of evidence of the authenticity of our rugs, providing you, the customers, with confidence in your investment.

There is more to it. The Buyback Program also includes a 25-year buy-back guarantee. This means that, after a period of 3 years till the next 25 years of your purchase, you have the option to exchange the rug for another one after undergoing a thorough inspection by our professionals. The value may vary from the initial cost of your purchase, and in that case, you will be given a cash voucher from which you can buy a new carpet. This offer is the epitome of our company's dedication to delivering a top-notch customer experience and ensuring the utmost satisfaction with each purchase.

The reason we initiated this program is because we understand that a lot goes while picking a timeless beauty for your home. We not only want to give a shopping experience to our customers but also a magnificent after-sales service. Through this buyback scheme, we make sure that our customers do not feel insecure about their purchase and have a sense of assurance that we are there for them if there is any issue with the product.

Carpets crafted with 190 knots per square inch and above are woven using international grade material, fine finishing, durable fiber, and attention to the slightest detail. These require much more time as compared to other carpets with lower knot count or different weave styles. Though these factors make the cost of the carpets high, on the other hand, you are contributing significantly to enhancing the lifestyle and supporting the livelihood of the artisan family who worked meticulously to craft your carpet.

The investments you make are based on longevity but we know that every once in a while you might feel the need to update and be in sync with today's modern trends. Every rug bought under this program is eligible for exchange and through this way, you will be saving the extra cost that you would’ve incurred otherwise.

To conclude, this program is more than an initiative. It's a step towards securing you financially in a way and getting a fine and authentic accent to adorn your home with. The benefits provided to you under this scheme are a testament to our century-old experience and dedication to serving you with products of the best quality featuring unique and meaningful designs.