Maximizing the smaller spaces of the Living room

Earlier there was a time when people were happy and satisfied with what they had. The world was free from the concept of “getting more”. In the era when there were only limited resources, the cavemen and even our great-grandfathers, lived a happy and satisfied life. They made the best they could of the little that they had. As times changed, people did too. With the number of options today people want just to get it all. ‘Showing off’ has now become a culture rather than a stereotype. Irrespective of all the luxuries one might own, there will always be a thing that he would want.

Maximizing the smaller spaces of Living rooms

In the world today inflation has taken over. Prices have been blowing through the roof from the FMCG market to real estate. Did you know that in Manhattan, renting an apartment that could fit only one single bed,  without any utilities costs 2000 dollars? While the rich are making the best out of their spacious homes, enhancing the elegance and aesthetics of their homes with the finest of decor accessories, it's the people living in smaller spaces who wish to someday cherish the same space. Let’s paint a picture together. Leo and Kara are a newly married couple. They recently shifted to their new place in the city. Little did they know that the budget they had in mind for their dream home was not enough for a space in the city. They move into a studio apartment. While the apartment seemed comfortable for a couple, the space became something to think about when they planned to set up their home. The living space is the heart of the home, it's the place where they would host guests and throw a housewarming party. The area and the interior of this place had them worried about how they would make it look spacious yet elegant. Soon, they hired an interior designer, it was after a few weeks that they readied that optimizing a small area is a skill. The way their hired professional notched up the space was something they’d never imagined. Wondering what was done? Keep reading.

  1. Go for lighter shades- If the aim is to maximize the area of the small space, the trick is to make it look bigger. Leo and Kara’s interior designer suggested they pick lighter shades for the walls and curtains. Light shades when combined with the natural light make the room look wider, airy, spacious, and pleasant. These shades bring density and sensitivity to the room and allow you to elevate the space using contrasting and patterned accessories. Be it the furniture, the curtains, or the carpet and tapestries, light shades set a wonderful and versatile base for everything.
  2. Using the apt furniture- Like Leo and Kara, if someone is decorating their small spaces, furniture that is flexible and adaptable to different areas is an efficient way to optimize limited space. Choosing a versatile design and color for tables and seating furniture that go well in every room is a subtle yet clever way to steal some extra space. Small-multiple seating furniture that can be rearranged effortlessly lends your room some extra moving space. These modular furniture articles can be moved and placed all over the house in case you are looking to make some extra room anywhere in your home.

    Mirrors are another element that makes your space look bigger. This reflective article throws out light in the entire room, creating an optimal effect. Placing 2 mirrors opposite to each other can create an infinite vision illusion in smaller spaces.
  3. Decorative accents- Picking the right decor accents is the key. The furniture articles and colors of the room do play an important role but complementing these items is necessary. An empty table might look incomplete irrespective of its color and style, gracing it with a flower vase can be appealing.
    As graceful as the beds and seating furniture accents might look, enhancing the aesthetics with handmade cushions will always help you make your space aesthetic and enhance comfort at the same time.
    The entire flooring of your room can be complemented with a nice hand-knotted carpet, adding continuity to the room. Visual interest is a necessary component in small spaces. One thing can be compromised by the other and in small spaces, visual spaces do so.

While there were many other things done by Leo and Kara’s interior designer, these were a few major things that appealed to them the most and got them a lot of compliments from their guests during the housewarming.

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