The Impact of Texture on Rug Design and Decor

There are many key elements in the world of interior design. The shape, size, color, patterns, and lighting play a crucial role, and texture emerges as the most underrated element of all. It helps you set the mood and personality of any interior and complement its existence. Defined as the surface of the material of your decor accessory, texture can either be felt or appreciated by sight. A good interior designer or decor enthusiast understands that texture lends the room a sensory experience. It is like a secret ingredient that infuses life into any interior. It is like the icing on the cake, adding depth, discretion, and dimension to the area, enriching the environment.

The Impact of Texture in Rug Design and Decor

Different decor accents require different textures. If you dive deep into this element, it also varies according to the placement and usage of the element. Furniture, rugs, tapestries, and show-pieces, all of these accessories need different textures. The texture of these influences the mood and reinforces the visual interest of the space. Allow us to explain this by an example. If the look and feel of your living space are minimal, you will need a textured rug to balance out the visual appeal. A rug, being the base of your space, will seem monotonous if you pick a solid-plain one. Below, it is explained in detail why texture matters in terms of rug and decor design-

  1. Setting the mood- Just like different colors can evoke different emotions, textures can evoke certain feelings. Soft textures like velvet and upholstered materials can induce coziness to the atmosphere while hard patterns and textures that can be felt physically can create more of a commercial feel in the space. In the case of a rug, a patterned and textured rug can enhance the overall theme of your space. A texture of visual interest can make the rug the focal point of your space and a rough texture that can be felt physically can induce boldness to your space.
  2. The design style- The style of the texture on your decor accessory is also of relevance. A polished wooden flooring with simple stripes can add continuity to the room with a traditional touch while the textured on a marble floor lends your space a chic and modern outlook. While the textured flooring is a good option, adding a textured rug on an untextured flooring can be useful too. It won’t just create a contrasting visual appeal but also give your room a contemporary character, setting the personality of your space.
  3. The quality- Visual weight is a thing in interior decor. The more textured an accessory will be, the heavier it will look. Rough textures can make the objects look heavy irrespective of their actual weight while soft textures make the accents look light and minimal. If you have multiple accents in your space with heavy texture, a solid rug with minimal or no texture will help you balance out the visual weight of your space.

Textures do talk. As mentioned earlier they add depth and dimension to a space by adding contrast between smooth and rough things. These textures can be of various types, art can be inspired by anything. In the realm of rug-making, we at Obeetee Carpets seek our inspiration from the multiverse. In our collection, we have carpets for you that feature traditional textures, similar to those of the Persians. These traditional textures lend our rugs a bold and vintage character, allowing you to induce culture and royalty to your place. A few of our rugs are also inspired by the artifacts of nature and architecture. Many of our rugs feature a design pattern similar to the windows of the royal Mughal palaces while many feature a rough texture of the ancient battlefields. Our recent collection by Shripal Munshi portrays the soft-form textures inspired by the architectural wonders that surround us.

Obeetee Carpets have been in the industry for over a century now. As the trends keep on changing we actively update our catalog for contemporary homeowners. Texture plays a vital role in rug design and home decor. Along with exerting a profound influence on the overall look and feel of the article and the space, it contributes to the visual interest, visual weight, and personality of the atmosphere. Instead of being peculiar regarding change, you can try a little mix and match and find the right texture of the handmade rug and the interior of your space.

Textured handmade rugs can transform your space in a myriad of ways. They set the base of your home, blessing your space with elegance. Whether you are redecorating or setting up a new space entirely, textured handmade rugs can lend you a helping hand. To experience the magic of textured rugs and other decor accents firsthand, you can visit any of our stores located all across the country or our website-