How To Choose The Best Rug For Your Home Office?

The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. One of the biggest inclusions is the advent of home offices, as most of us follow a hybrid work model. Naturally, the home interior segment has seen a huge demand for both products and services towards creating an office space within the home, which was earlier only a personal retreat.

best rug for your home office

While, you may have engaged with an interior designer to design this space or may have followed your own heart, we want to vouch for the fact that your home office isn’t complete without a rug that represents you work style. So, here are a few quick tips to help you choose one that’s a perfect fit:

1. Choose an Office Rug that Matches your Personal Style

What is your work style? This is the most important question that will lead the way to choosing the best rug for your home office. Since the objective is to create a personal space where you feel avid to work, it can be the safest to opt for a rug that is not heavy on the patterns. Additionally, go for neutral tones since they tend to attract more light, tricking your brain into feeling more energetic while you try to focus.

2. Choose a Practical Material

When selecting a rug for an office, it is essential to consider a durable fabric that can endure chair movement and regular foot activity. Avoid fragile materials like as silk, bamboo silk, and synthetics, as they are susceptible to crushing. Wool is ideal because it is durable, warm, and soft to the touch, and it has a sophisticated aesthetic that is ideal for a formal home office. An ideal rug for such areas can be a hand knotted rug that is crafted with a high percentage of silk, or a combination of silk and cotton.

3. Go for handmade rugs rather than machine made

Handcrafted keepsakes are known to last longer than the machine-made ones. This is because no machine can replace the true essence of the human touch, or skills. When skilled craftspeople craft a rug knot by knot, they utilise their remarkable skills that have been passed down to them from generation to generation. This allows every artist to pay a great deal of attention to the creation of knots and their own quality of work. The result? A magnificent rug, which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also extremely durable for any homeowner. Rugs and carpets are constantly stepped on, especially when you place them in your home office zone because there is traffic there every day, or 5-6 days a week to be precise. Therefore choosing a rug that stands the test of time is extremely necessary being a working professional, none of us likes to go on a rug-hunting spree very often. 

4. Choose a low pile rug

Low pile rugs generally tend to be more durable and can endure heavy furniture movements such as the chair and the desk. Thicker and feathery materials can easily get worn off with an intense movement on their canvas. Loop pile or flatwoven rugs (a Kelim) are also a suitable alternative because they allow chairs to slide freely across their surface. Low-pile or no-pile rugs are also considerably easier to clean; running a vacuum cleaner over them once or twice per week is sufficient to maintain them in good shape.

5. Get your rug customised

Customization is the key to finding the ideal rug for your home office if you've explored all other options. The white glove service offered by Obeetee is a premium doorstep service that allows you to have your rugs customised and delivered to your home. Additionally, one can communicate their preferences to the brand's specialists via their website. Designs from the collection can be customised to match your existing room's colour scheme. Alternately, they can identify the ideal design for you from their vast archive or build one from scratch. Taking all the elements into consideration, the team will further design the rug in accordance with the customer's specifications.

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