Décor style tips to revamp your space this Diwali

Diwali is here and just like you, we’re excited too. Every year all of us have this utter urge to refurbish our homes and get them festival ready. It’s that time of the year when lights *quite literally* guide us home. Now it’s 2022, and after a 2 year long gap due to the pandemic, we’re finally getting used to the new normal and so are our loved ones. Finally, after two years of catching up with friends and family on festivals only over video calls, we can finally spend the much awaited time with them in person. The embarrassing yet adorable dad jokes, the not-so-melodious yet unifying antakshari games, and the tasting of sweets are all welcoming us with open arms. But before we do that, there is one thing that we must not forget. The home where we will create all these beautiful memories. Such special moments deserve a special home makeover and that is exactly what we’re here for. In this ecstatic spirit of Diwali, let us take a look at few style tips that could really help you home look like the most unique work of art this festive season.

Best carpets for Diwali

1. Start with the entrance

When people visit your home, the entrance is the first thing they notice. The rest comes later. How your entrance looks and feels will determine the ambiance of the rest of your home. For this reason, it is important that we do not overlook the importance of creating an entrance that is welcoming and warm. Runner rugs can be a great way to enhance the décor aesthetic of the entrance of your home. Runner rugs are rectangular shaped rugs that provide spaces like hallways, entrances and stairs with a lot of more definition and depth. Depending upon the theme you wish to go for you can choose the design and pattern of the rug. If you wish to achieve a royal visual appeal and really enhance the aesthetics of your ambiance, you can go for the Amritsar hand knotted woollen rug or the Mir hand knotted woollen rug. Additionally, you can check out more rugs to suit your style from our ‘hallways and corridors’ category on the website.

2. Make a statement with red

Red is the ultimate festival color. It is knows to immediately enhance and define décor spaces. This festive season is all about really going all the way to spice up our spaces. With its intricate floral and abstract patterns highlighted on a subtle red canvas, that is exactly what the Jaclyn hand knotted rug will help you achieve. This technique would work like a magic of your home has neutral color walls or furniture. Even if you don’t, it’s okay to go extra with your décor vibe once in a while. Mix the patterns of your rug with the walls or furniture and you will be fine. You can check out more red rugs on our website.

3. Play with lights

The festival of lights cannot NOT have lights. Rugs work best in ambient lighting. Lights, whether from diyas and candles or soft LED lamps, set the mood for a joyous celebration. To really bring that true festive spirit to your home, you can choose a vibrant rug and decorate the surroundings depending upon the utility of the space. Apart from the conventional hanging of LED lights, try draping lights from doorways, windows, railings, and even the undersides of tables and chairs.

4. Spruce up the living room

In most homes, the living room serves as the designated gathering spot for guests. The living room serves as the centre of the house and is typically the largest room. Since your guests will be spending most of their time in the living room, it makes sense to give it your full focus. There are several rug designs available to help you achieve the desired mood in your room. From muted tones to bright and bold to pastels and beyond. The muted one can be used to break the monotony with your current furnishings, while the vivid one can serve as a focal point. The perfect rug can change the feel of a space by infusing bold colour and reimagining the narrative of your home. A neutral-hued, solid-color area rug is ideal for an eclectic living room since it won't draw too much attention away from the many diverse patterns and colours already present. In addition to the rug, you can utilise accessories like fake plants, pouffes, and ambient lighting to create a cosy and inviting space in your living room.

5. Slay the layers

Moving beyond the tried-and-true rug placed beneath the living room table, layering can help you add that depth to your space.  If you want to layer rugs without disrupting the overall aesthetic of your room, choose ones from the same colour family. You can also use colour blocking if your walls and furniture have a colour scheme. Different colour families can harmoniously work together, which is a fascinating phenomenon of rug layering.

The most effective method to do this is to lay a wall-to-wall carpet and then add more rugs of various sizes on top of it. Smaller rugs of the same colour or pattern family can also be used to fill a room and provide character.