What Makes a Rug High in Value?

Buying a rug is tricky. Especially so, when we don’t understand the intricacies of the craft involved. Having many sellers in the market with myriad options don’t help either. Here’s an attempt to give you a fair idea of what really goes into costing a rug, so you know that you’re investing in not just a décor piece but your home’s companion for a long time.

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The value of a rug is heavily dependent on the method used to make it. The price of a rug made with the hand knotting technique is significantly more than that of an identical rug made with industrial methods. The reason for this is that a hand knotted rug is made entirely by hand, knot by knot, by the artisan constructing it. Crafting a hand knotted rug can take 8-12 months, but mass-produced rugs can be done in days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the design. If you're looking for a hand-made rug for your home that won't break the bank, consider a hand-tufted rug. Hand tufted carpets are more cost-effective since they require less time and effort to make. Since its founding in 1920, Obeetee has provided customers with a variety of high-quality hand knotted and hand tufted rugs. The brand has been providing high-quality rugs to consumers for over a century, and they still release new styles every few weeks.


The size of the rug is the primary determinant for its high value. This is due to the reason that the greater the rug is in its size, the greater time and effort it takes a craftsperson to actually create it. Therefore, its price is determined by knots it has taken to craft the carpet; but also the amount of blood and sweat of an artist that it is embedded with. This is why many brands who produce their rugs in industries sell their rugs at a lower price compared to a handcrafted one.

At Obeetee Carpets, one can find rugs from a wide range of sizes. An average Obeetee can range anywhere from 5 X 3 to 7 x 2.06. Additionally, the brand also offers customisation services which lets the customer choose the ideal sized rug for their home.


This goes without saying. Materials play a huge role in determining the value of a rug. The highest-quality carpets are those woven using silk rather than wool or cotton for the warp. Silk can be hand-spun to incredibly fine threads, so fine that they are nearly invisible. On top of that, its strength is unparalleled. Silk also has a shine and is easy to colour that you won't find in rugs made of wool or cotton. The weaver of a silk rug can achieve stunning levels of realism in the rug's design. Nonetheless, they are time-consuming and labor-intensive to create, therefore the price reflects this.

It’s not just about the knots

Of course, knots constitute a great part of what makes a rug. However, it is not only thing that makes it high in its value. The more KPSI / knots per square inch a rug has, the pricier it will be. This is due to the fact that the weaver may use a finer thread to produce elaborate designs.


Authentic Persian rugs are hand-woven from beginning to end. Each knot is uniquely created by the weaver. The rug is the result of daily hours spent at the loom tying thousands upon thousands of knots on the warp and pounding them into a solid fabric. However, there are various steps necessary prior to the actual weaving of the rug. Cotton must be cultivated, and silk must be spun by silk moths. Both warp and weft must be spun from the thread, which must be dyed with natural plant pigments. Once it occurs, it can be transformed into a work of art. Although knot count has some bearing on pricing, it only tells a piece of the tale.

Uniqueness in designs

The home décor and craft industry is abundant with a variety of design schemes. Generally, brands adapt to the trends and preferences of the consumers to cater to them. However, the one fact that needs to be taken into consideration is that trends keep on changing, and also take away the uniqueness of the design away. This happens because after a certain time period, homeowners wish to switch to more unique designs and not that everyone owns, or is trending. When this happens the popularity for exquisite designs enhances. Because of this, the designs that are unique in their visual appeal are placed at a higher value. Additionally, Rugs that are unique to specific locations or countries often command a greater price. For instance, a tribal rug costs higher than a contemporary rug for its unique designs and color schemes.