Elysian by Anita Dalmia X Obeetee

The flowers have begun to blossom, the air has become cleaner and warmer, and the mornings are no longer dark and dreary but rather bright and cheerful. Once you go outside to begin your day, strays welcome you by shaking their tails or preening their feathers instead of hiding in their cosy nooks. It is almost as though nature is whispering in our ear, "Hey, spring is here!" There is natural beauty outside, which we wish we could enjoy from the comfort of our house. This is especially important for professionals who are still working from home and are unable to take a stroll in nature. With the demands of life, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to just unwind and appreciate this wonderful time of year. What if we told you there was a way to bring the enduring essence of nature into your home? What if you could keep them in your house even after the season has ended?

Elysian by Anita Dalmia

If you haven't already guessed, we're talking about our most recent collection of hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs and carpets. Elysian is the newest addition to the repository of carpets that Obeetee has created in collaboration with the masterful designer Anita Dalmia. Her genius is behind some of the finest home furnishings and wallpapers, and her latest creation Elysian, is absolutely befitting of its title. This carpet line, as the name implies, transforms any space they are placed in into a paradise, characterised primarily by beauty and calm, abundant in the lap of nature. The collection showcases a wide range of faunal motifs on its plush canvases, floral vases that are reminiscent of the Victorian design aesthetic, and vibrant colours that instantly bring the soulfulness of the season to your home. The collection, hand knotted and tufted by Obeetee’s artisans who are keeping alive their inherited craft skills by crafting these magnificent rugs, is created using superior quality materials, proving them as the epitome of durable rugs.

 The genesis of this collaboration can be traced to, as Dalmia tells us:

 “I wanted to gift my Guruji something unique, and so I designed these carpets.”

The ethos of this line of carpets lies in the oneness of the being with nature, celebrating life and celebration of the inner self vis-a-vis one’s ecology and surroundings. Anita Dalmiawas especially inspired by her rich Rajasthani heritage and the grandeur of the royalty of the Rajwada household. Pichwai paintings, Rajasthani miniature paintings and frescoes are some elements that heavily inspired her to create this collection.

Through Elysian, Dalmia has tried to convey her understanding of and love for the quaint and the old. She has excellently achieved this by transfusing the medium of bright colours and a myriad of floral and animal motifs, that adorn the carpets in this collection. This eclectic range of carpets vividly captures her spiritual philosophy and devotion to her creator, for whom she professes, she creates everything.

We present to you 5 carpets from Elysian, that would adorn your abode and transform it into a blissful hermitage.

  • Tropical Hand Knotted Woollen And Viscose Rug:This rug celebrates the lotus as a symbol of strength and its ability to rise from the grime. It features a subtle, soothing palette that is sure to evoke tranquillity and fill your space with a serene peace in the face of the hustle bustle of routine. A breath of fresh air, the plush rug adorned with beautiful lotus motifs shaded in pastel pinks, is perfect for spaces like the living room, Puja room, or can even be used as an outdoor rug in your garden or lobby.
  • Elephant Flower Knotted Woollen And Viscose Rug: This rug, adorned with tiny elephant motifs is available in two colour variations.If you like a modern aesthetic, you may choose the brown and ivory version, while if you prefer a more classic aesthetic, you can choose the rust and blue rug. This rug's elephant designs are emblematic of the Rajwada way of life and serve as a traditional representation of the designer’s Rajasthani ancestry. This exquisite rug, hand-knotted with high-quality fibres and expertly woven by our seasoned craftsmen, is ideal for every setup and will surely exude warmth and elegance in your space.
  • Parrot Hand Knotted Woollen And Viscose Rug: This rug, is not only a celebration of the cohabitation existent on planet earth, but also holds a spiritual significance. As per the Indian vastu architectural arrangement, if placed in the north direction, parrots are considered to be lucky for a home as they maintain health and harmony between the occupants of a home. Hand-knotted using premium quality wool and viscose, this rug is durable and a play of colours on a canvas to adorn any space that one desires.
  • Botanical Hand Knotted Woollen And Viscose Rug: Immerse yourself in the energy and the festive spirit of nature and the care it endows upon us. From the lush creepers and flowers dotting the canvas, generously tinged with the royal blues to the yellows humming from the background, this rug creates a zealous and refreshing ambience, perfect for any space in your home. Add colour to spaces and paint new stories inside with botanical rug, and bring tranquillity in every corner of your haven.
  • Islamic Hand Knotted Woollen And Viscose Rug: Spirituality has aroused the spirit of creativity and artistry for Anita Dalmia. The islamic carpet captures the essence of the Islamic influences that have left a lasting impact on her art.

This rug's gold etchings on a light blue background are based on the Zellige, a traditional Moroccan geometric pattern. Elevate the ambience of your home, into a haven of tranquility, elegance, and comfort, and transform your abode into a medieval-era locale where divinity and nature coexist to create magic.

Each rugs in this collection exquisitely captures the intricacies that exist in nature, effortlessly brought to the heart of your home. From the smooth, soft feel of the rugs to the extremely intricate patterns on the carpets, Obeetee has crafted accents that are a delight for the senses and evoke rapture at every touch. Check out Elysian in stores all across India and online.