Collections For Different Lifestyles At Obeetee

The legacy of carpet weaving goes back to approximately 2,000 to 3,000 B.C.E. The location where these carpets were produced still remains unknown. A pioneer in the carpet weaving industry, Obeetee bears a legacy of 102 years, the oldest hand-woven carpet company in the Indian subcontinent. Obeetee established itself in the heart of the carpet-weaving hub of Mirzapur in 1920, and has since then never looked back. A century down the line, Obeetee has flourished and carved a name for itself in the Indian carpet-weaving trade. We have made strides in our endeavour at preserving the art of carpet weaving. In retrospect, we acknowledge the immense progress and the overall evolution that has set in, in our craft, as well as the groundbreaking changes that have set in, in our techniques and collections we now present to our clientele.

At Obeetee, we recognise the differing demands and diversity owing to our presence in India’s top cultural centres. It is because of this knowledge that we set out to introduce our varied collections based on themes and lifestyles. We have something in store for everyone. In this contemporary day and age, it is our primary aim to deliver the finest quality carpets in the most unique and exquisite way possible. It is with this motive in mind, that we have successfully picked out four major collections for every kind of theme and space. Our in-house designers and skilled craftspeople have pushed the boundaries of their creativity in churning out these marvelous collections, to bring to you a wholesome line of rugs to choose from.

Rug Collections At Obeetee

We bring to you our most famous collections and range of rugs, the perfect addition to your contemporary or traditional haven.

1) Persian Saga: An exquisite ensemble in our Traditional Living lifestyle category, Persian Saga is a collection that celebrates the craft of the earliest Oriental and Persian carpets ever made. These extremely intricate pieces of extensive craftsmanship and precision, are our tribute to the most famous ancient carpets which have found space in the most famous exhibits, globally. These rugs have paved the way for Persian carpet weaving to traverse far and wide. The carpets that comprise the Persian Saga collection are inimitable specimens of Iranian culture and of the tribal expertise, ancient carpets were weaved with. Especially notable for their elaborate motifs and superior quality hand-knotted weaving techniques, Persian Saga features our very own take on the oldest surviving Pazyryk rug and Ardebil rug, to name a few.

2) Farmhouse Chic: Our esteemed Regional Living lifestyle category comprises the Farmhouse Chic collection. This collection is the essence of India and its cultural heterogeneity. A fine selection of the highest quality hand-knotted woolen rugs, what truly sets this collection apart is the great array of patterns and motifs that feature in this line of rugs. Incorporate this collection in your haven to breathe life into your space, with a characteristically regional and traditional look and feel. Whether you reside in the tropical areas or are someone who belongs in the mighty hills of the north, our collection of carpets ties the aesthetic of the house together whilst also filling your space with warmth, luxury and cozy comfort.

3) Gypsy Oasis: Our Bohemian Living lifestyle features the Gypsy Oasis collection, our handcrafted melange of experimental motifs and patterns, for the avant-garde soul. Gypsy Oasis breaks the conventions of traditional and contemporary by embracing their synthesis and coalescence. This collection features a fusion of the traditional and the abstracts. It brings in a zest for newer motifs, colors and patterns. Geometric patterns, bright colors, and abstract art are some of the defining features of this collection. The rugs in this collection are extremely captivating and appealing and are the ideal addition to lovers of art and handicrafts collectors.

4) Minimalist Edit: Our distinguished lifestyle category, Contemporary Living features one of the most celebrated collections, namely, the Minimalist Edit. Modern housing and decor is all about rejoicing in the minimalist style of living as it easily forms a statement and carves a space for you that encapsulates your soul in the form of your haven. Our Minimalist Edit goes extremely well with the focus on sustainability and the rugs from this collection will additionally complement your space if you happen to surround yourself with a space full of greenery. The focal point that makes this collection so appealing is the fact that this collection consists of a light palette, with muted tones and a subtlety in the overall designs and patterns that form it. Our Minimalist Edit collection has some of the most durable and sustainable hand-tufted woolen and natural jute fibre accents, that make it both cost-efficient and long-lasting.

Our diverse range of collections and theme-oriented assortment of rugs ensures every home has a story to tell. Rugs not only bind the entire paraphernalia together, but also, weave a sense of comfort and homeliness with each thread that goes into their making. If you wish to explore other lifestyles or thematically specific rugs, check out our Proud To Be Indian Series, a collaboration between Obeetee and globally renowned masterful designers at