Durbar Gadi Masand
Riwaayat Hand Knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
This opulent and extravagant brown gold rug, featuring a natural silk wash woven from silk and woollen yarn is an artistic expression inspired by the rich cultural legacy of the Imperial era. The affluence in its embroideries, global edge in...
from Rs. 481,950.00
Khwabeeda Hand Knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
A fantasy land visualized by weaving the finest silk and woollen yarns by our master weavers and designed by the extraordinary Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur label, the Khwabeeda rug is handmade to perfection. Putting the narratives of opulence and luxury of...
Rs. 714,000.00
Bejeweled Inheritance Hand Knotted Woollen and Silk Rug
The Bejewelled Inheritance rug is woven from the finest silk and woollen yarns to honor the pinnacle of artistic arrangement in the magnificent princely courts. Designed by Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur as a token of reverence to the grandeur of Rajputana...
from Rs. 481,950.00

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