What Makes Obeetee Different From Other Brands?

There are certain things that make us different from others- such as our DNA or our fingerprints. These elements are assigned to us by birth and we have no control over them. However, it is the values we preach and practice, the lifestyle we inherit, the principles we stick to what truly makes us stand out. What we bring to the table after coming into existence is what determines our purest and unique sense of being. This is not only applicable to us as individuals but also the brands that cater to their target consumers. When it comes to home décor and home interior, every homeowner wants a brand that creates a unique identity for their home. The consumers with a careful eye always choose a rug, which is an integral part of the home décor.

What makes Obeetee different from other brands

When we create our rugs at Obeetee, this is what we strive to achieve- that unique element in each one of our furnishing piece.

With its inception in 1920, Obeetee has been knotting the threads of unity, quality, elegance, and empowerment for over a century. This includes not just the people we make these rugs for, but also the people who through their creativity and skills, help us bring our vision to life- our artisans. Most brands that have recently begun in the industry tend to overlook the aspect of valuing their artisans just as much as they do their customers. At Obeetee, we believe that hands that craft our most exquisite rugs deserve their rightful compensation for their magnificent works. For this reason, we keep the wages of our craftspeople higher than the normal Industry standards, to support their livelihood.

This is just a fragment of the big change we strive to bring to the world of home décor and lifestyle. Let us tell you a bit more about our practises to help you understand our vision better and determine what truly makes us stand out.

1) Our handmade rugs

We understand how important quality is every for every homeowner. For this reason, all our rugs are handcrafted using various weaving techniques. Ranging from hand tufted to hand knotted to hand woven, one can find it all on our website, or in our store. It is convenient for any brand to set up a factory and mass produce their furnishings to generate profit. However, it cannot be denied that mass production does not give brands the freedom to pay attention to detail, which further impacts the quality of their product.

This is where our handmade rugs act as a game changer. These rugs tend to be highly durable due to their premium materials they have been crafted with, and have a unique appeal to their design elements. Each one of our handmade piece is a one-of-a-kind collectible. Every Obeetee craftsperson is an individual who through his years of training in the craft skills and techniques has mastered their art of handcrafting. Therefore, when they create the magnificent Obeetee carpets and rugs, they bring their own cultural, social, and creative understanding of design to their crafts. No two patterns will look the same, but both would look equally artistic. Because they havebeen crafted by two exceptionally talented artisans.

2) Weaving techniques

Undoubtedly, the design elements of a rug determine its visual appeal. But if the design of a rug appeals to a buyer, would they just immediately decide to bring it home? Most likely not. Because while looking for a rug for their homes, most homeowners look for something that will not lose its charm and quality over a period of a few years. Sure, vintage is definitely beautiful, but only when its threads are still knotted strongly with each other.

At Obeetee, we offer rugs that are not only great in their design appeal, but also stand the test of time. Our seasoned artisans with great precision and attention to detail create these rugs knot by knot. This ensures that the rug lasts a long time in a home and endures all the foot traffic and movement. In addition, the hand knotting technique, our craftspeople also create rugs using the hand tufting technique. Hand tufting is a technique that involves creating the pile using a handheld drill. Since the materials used in crafting these rugs are of the highest quality, the rugs feel extremely soft and plush under the feet. Additionally, the hand weaving technique is used by our craftspeople to make thinner types of rugs and Dhurries that have a lower pile as compared to other rugs and is easy to maintain.

3) Women Empowerment

Women are breaking the shackles of patriarchy everywhere, every day. Proving they can accomplish great things in life, they are breaking all the barriers that stop them from moving forward. Obeetee believes that every woman, regardless of her educational status or qualifications, is capable of doing remarkable things. When it comes to creating our most exquisite rugs, our women weavers have proven the same in every design, motif and pattern.


Most of the women in the rug maker industry come from low income background. These women live a life that is confined to solely taking care of her children and her home. If these women wish to earn and explore their interests, many societal barriers stop them from fulfilling their dreams. To help them achieve this, we introduced the Women Weaver Program. The programme provides on-the-job training to women who are interested in learning the art of carpet weaving. This has encouraged women who were previously confined to household chores to assert their skills and artistry. The carpets woven by these women are showcased nationally and internationally, and the women weavers receive the recognition they deserve for their work.

4) How we contribute to the environment

Taking care of the mother nature is not only the need of the hour, but it is also our responsibility. Being a rug maker brand we understand that if not supported by the right measures and practises, we can negatively affect the planet. To avoid this from happening we feel that the path of sustainability and Eco-friendliness is the best one that there is. To ensure that we produce our rugs responsibly, we take care of a number of things:

  1. We ethically source our wool, which is a biodegradable, recyclable, durable, and ages beautifully.
  2. We used mechanised washing of the rugs, which has led to decreased water consumption by up to 90%. Additionally, every building of Obeetee harvests rainwater.
  3. We repurpose plastic by using yarns that are made from recycles plastic bottles. This makes our rugs plus soft, and our environment cleaner.
  4. More than 30% of our energy requirements are met by solar power, resulting in carbon dioxide emission reductions by 2.10 million lbs per year which equivalent to saving of 44,000 trees in a year.

Now that you know what makes us stand out, explore our exquisite rug collection to see it for yourself.