Tips To Place A Runner Rug In Your Home

The royal sense of home décor is still a style that has a vast popularity among homeowners and designers alike. And why would they not, everybody likes to feel like a king or queen in their territory, their home. Unlike the ancient times, we do not have to belong to a certain kin to have a royal lifestyle. It can be achieved easily by just placing an elegant runner rug in the corridor of your home. Don’t believe it? Imagine the royal palaces without their runner rugs, and you will understand the importance of this single piece of accent in your home.

runner rug in your home

We see this type of rug in our daily lives quite often. However, it can be sometimes tricky to understand its exact utility when it comes to placing it in our own home. Let us understand some of the things to keep in mind while placing a runner rug in your home.

1) Know the usual traffic areas

Runner rugs tend to be longer than they are wide. Additionally, they are designed to enhance the aesthetics of a specific area in a home. To determine whether a runner rug would look good in a specific area, you should analyse all the spaces that have a lot of physical movements. A hallway or entrance of your home is a perfect location to place a runner rug since these areas usually see a high traffic. Placing a runner rug in such spaces can instantly enhance the ambiance of your home. A runner rug will act as a perfect adornment for this designated space, with no additional adornment required.

2) Use a base for your runner rug

A runner rug directly placed on the floor looks undoubtedly fabulous. However, if you wish to enhance the warmth of a space, adding a larger area rug can really bring out the true beauty of your runner rug. The larger rug will act as a base, making the placement of your rug look more organised and you home, more welcoming. You can either pair up a solid colored rug with a patterned runner rug to create an eye catchy ambience. Alternatively, you can also go for a patterned rug for the base with a minimalistic patterned or solid runner rug to suit your home décor style.

3) Consider the material of your rug

Since runner rugs are usually placed in high traffic areas, choosing the right quality material for your rug becomes a must. When it comes to quality, hand knotted rugs top the list of highest quality of rugs and carpets. These rugs are created by skilled artisans who create the strong and durable canvas of the carpet, knot by knot. A hand knotted rug can take anywhere from 8-12 months to craft, and can last for years with proper care and maintenance. Additionally, if you are looking for rugs that are both durable and a little more on the economical side, hand tufted rugs can be a deal breaker. You can explore a wide range of hand knotted and hand tufted runner rugs at Obeetee

4) Don’t follow the trends blindly

Oftentimes, we see an aesthetically pleasing décor aesthetic online or on some other platform and get inspired by it. While these aesthetics look amazing in the pictures and videos, understand that recreation differs from replication. The architectural measurements and specifics of your space may differ from the reference image or video, which further would affect the outcome. Therefore, keep the specific elements of your home in mind while incorporating your style to it. This would not only bring out the best results, but also provide your place with your own personal touch.

5) Choose the pattern or design that goes with the theme of your home

After the material, it is the design that provides your space with a particular theme. It is crucial that you do not go for the first pretty design that catches your eye. While selecting an ideal runner rug for your home, consider the surroundings of a space such as the wall, furniture and the other décor accents.

Style tip: Opt for a patterned rug if your room has solid colored walls or go for a minimalistic rug with neutral tones if the walls have a patterned wallpaper.