The Artful Appeal of Unshaped Rugs in Modern Interior Design

Imagine a living room, with walls painted in bright contemporary shades, long curtains blessing the window pane, and multiple decor accents enhancing the room's visual appeal as a beautiful rectangular-shaped handmade rug sets the base of the room. While all this might seem beautiful, it may feel like the usual. Now imagine everything but this time, replace the traditionally shaped handmade rug with an irregular one. As a question mark takes over your mind, we have got you hooked on this concept.

The Artful Appeal of Unshaped Rugs in Modern Interior Design

History is the witness that anything unconventional attracts humans. From a mere dispute in the royal courts to life-changing wars, from minute peculiarities in nail art to prominent wonders of the world, unusual always seeks the mind’s attention. In the modern world, non-traditional approaches taken by contemporary architects have been booming. From unique furniture to unconventional color schemes, homeowners are out, seeking fresh ways to infuse magic in their spaces. In this road of being one-of-a-kind, unshaped rugs have played a major role. Although handmade rugs have always been a significant factor in a home’s interior, unshaped rugs bring an undeniable charm to your spaces.

Advantages of Unshaped rugs X Modern design-

  1. Embracing the imperfect- In this world where only the perfect is valued, unshaped rugs are proof that sometimes, imperfection is refreshing and rejuvenating. The irregularity of these rugs and the unexpected shapes and edges add an unexpected charm to modern homes. The lack of uniformity gives your space individuality and originality. Moreover, these rugs give your space a story, a story of embracing the unexpected.
    These rugs come with dual functionality too. Serving the thin line between form and function, they also cover practicality. These rugs not only lend comfort underfoot but stand out as works of art.
  2. Versatility- While traditional shaped rugs might need an accent to define them, unshaped rugs come with a definition of their own. Their irregularity not only makes them diverse but also a versatile addition to your space. These rugs can either be used as a floor coving or a tapestry. These can be used in layering and even as individual additions to your space. Not less than statement-making pieces, unshaped rugs can be used anywhere in your home and effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of your space.
  3. Custom benefits- Moder problems require modern solutions. Supposably there is an empty wall in your home but with limited space, or maybe an irregular patch on your flooring, placing a traditionally shaped accent might disrupt the decor. This is where the customary benefits of unshaped rugs come in. Either you can get an unshaped rug or get one custom-made as per the shape you require. Either way, an unshaped rug will be fulfilling your furnishing needs.
  4. Create an artistic place- Contemporary culture is influenced a lot by art. Abstract art has expanded its horizons from mere paintings to the canvas of the world. Modern-day homeowners are all about creating a home exuding aesthetics. Unshaped rugs come with the freedom of creating such a home. From being inspired by abstract art, these rugs feature modern designs in modern shapes. By adding these decor accents to your place, you will be creating an artistic home, boasting elegance and aesthetics in every corner of your home in every contour.

At Obeetee Carpets, we have multiple options for unshaped rugs for you. Crafted with international-grade materials, each of our rugs is made by the hands of experienced artisans of Bhadohi. In sync with international decor ethics and standards, these unshaped accents from our catalog are valuable additions to your home. Below listed are a few of the options from our eclectic collection-

  1. Opera- A handcrafted rug from the house of Obeetee, the Opera is an unshaped rug from the collection. Reminiscent of the shapes and shades of sandstone, the rug comes with 3 different shades enclosed within each other. Forming the structure of a pond, earthy shades add life to the rug, making it a blessing for your home. Hand-tufted using viscose and wool, this unshaped rug comes with a dual use. Place it under the center table or hang it over the wall as a tapestry, this rug will effortlessly blend into your decor and become the focal point.
  2. Pentagon- Another abstract piece from our collection, the Pentagon is a hand-tufted rug. 3 shades of brown adorn the unshaped canvas of this rug, complementing the contemporary charm with a vintage appeal. Handcrafted using wool and viscose of the finest quality, the rug is durable and comfortable. On the floor, this rug provides comfort but on the wall, the rug becomes a tapestry and enhances the visual appeal of your place.
While these are just 2 of our unshaped handmade rugs, we have an entire collection. To explore more, you can visit, or any of our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore.