Rug artistry: Exploring the work of Renowned Rug Designers

Rugs or carpets have been the only decor accent that has remained constant. While the design they embrace on their canvas keeps updating as per trends, the elegance of this decor accessory is unmatched and untouched. Practically it is an article from the textile industry but in the world of decor, it is a piece of transformation. Earlier, handmade carpets were a way for artisans to express themselves. They knotted stories of the royal courts and personal lives of people on the carpet canvas, which eventually today, tell us a lot about our history. That’s not all, the Persians, renowned for their detailed and sensitive designs, made their names reach the world through these handmade carpets only. Similarly, renowned designers in the industry today, have expanded their horizons from mere fashion to home decor. Through their knowledge of design history, infused with their creativity, these designers have entered the rug industry and poured their artivism on the carpet canvas.

Rug artistry: Exploring the work of Renowned Rug Designers

This interest of these skilled professionals around the globe has given the carpets the identity of ‘Art’. At Obeetee Carpets, we have been crafting these magnificent pieces of art for more than 100 years now. Collaborating with multiple designers over this time, we have launched multiple collections. Each carpet in these collections has been crafted using the best quality materials, making the carpets heirloom-worthy. Furthermore, the fine artistry and design on the canvases of our designer collection make these carpets more than just floor coverings.

Tarun Tahiliani, a renowned name in the fashion industry, designed a set of carpets in collaboration with Obeetee.  The designer is known for infusing our Indian culture in his art. While designing for us, he sought inspiration from the exquisite craftsmanship of Lucknowi Chikankari, abstract artistry, and ancient traditions. Embracing a rich Indian color palette, carpets designed by Tarun incorporate traditional and floral patterns. Crafted for homeowners aspiring for a regal and luxurious ambiance, these designer rugs exude a timeless and sophisticated charm in any living space.

JJ Valaya, known for his creativity and unique eye, our collaboration with this designer has birthed  2 new patterns. 1st being Jamawar and 2nd a series of candid art portraying glimpses of our house, Mirzapur, and its neighbor, Banaras. Jamawar is the shawl weaving technique of Jammu Kashmir. JJ brought that technique to the carpet canvas and created a series of carpets infused with these shawls’ embroidery, giving it global recognition.

Anita Dalmia is another masterful designer who collaborated with us. Bringing to life the beauty of nature through the carpet canvas, Anita created a set of carpets that embraced floral motifs. Seeking inspiration and also because of her love for nature, these hand-knotted carpets exude a spring vibe inside your home. Launched by the name Elysian, the collection was also a tribute to her Guru.  With the floral motifs, the carpets were blessed with animal structures as well. Her Butterfly hand-tufted carpet has always been one of our best sellers.

Raghavendra Rathore is a member of a Royal family from Jodhpur. He brought his traditions into his artistry and designed a set of carpets with us featuring detailed and intricate patterns inspired by Gaadhi Masand, and local Rajasthani architecture. This collection epitomizes the luxuries of the old world and brings the very essence back to life but in contemporary styles. A major of these designs are inspired by the Marwar region of Jodhpur, bringing the Rajasthani warmth and royalty to a global level.

While Tissage, the contemporary rug maker has been with us for quite some time, Shripal Munshi recently launched a new collection with us. Both these entities came up with the idea of grasping the unseen and un-noticed elements of life and giving them recognition through the carpet canvas. In our earlier collaborations with Tissage, we launched a set of carpets with floral motifs. These motifs had hints of traditionalism but were portrayed on the carpet canvas in a way to be ideal additions to contemporary homes. A few weeks back, we came up with another collection, The Chroma People. Paying attention to every shade of the color palette, this collection is hand-knotted and concentrates on the importance of colors, their existence, and their significance. With Shripal Munshi, we have life to the architectural marvels that surround us all the time yet remain unnoticed. Rugs from this collection feature bold and elegant color palettes, helping you to create a home beautified with these elements.

Among these designers, we have a few more celebrity designers who lent their creativity to our carpets. Bringing all of our designer collections under one roof, calling it the PTBI collection (Proud to be Indian).

The fine artistry, unique creativity, and talent of these designers give each rug from this collection an individuality. Each piece stands for one of a kind and also comes under our buy-back program.

Rugs are more than just floor coverings. From dying of the very 1st yarn to knotting an entire carpet and creating a beautiful motif, it's a work of art and a result of hard work. To explore handmade rugs, visit-